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PODCAST is your source arse. For Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago Neil I've had a number of parking tickets. Give me a ballpark. I can't even tell you. Hundreds A- are you being serious. You've had hundreds of parking tickets. Probably that is madness are barking illegally like once a week constantly. Personally you need to You need to set an example for the youth of the nation. I need to slow down. I need to slow slow down. I need to look where parking I need to read a sign or two so you think it is not a question of like actively parking legally. It's a question of dental parking. Sometimes it is sometimes the hope and dream. Maybe this time they won't get me sometimes. I'm like fingers across. I'M GONNA run in run out and you always get a ticket and ticketed great. I'm sharing that news for you. Not to Brag because it's not something I like to brag about but I D I like to share. I appreciate your candor. Yeah I recently read some good news on. CNN Dot Com. Are you familiar. I've heard of it. The Cable News Network would would you say. CNN is is is left right middle what it would. What do you think they are for for a long long time? I thought it was Almost like actively middle like they would trying really really try really hard and biased circuit. But they have really been painted as a leftist propaganda wing and I get that. I'd I disagree with that. I think any organization that disagrees as with the Republican Party is probably painted as a Commie Pinko. Crazy town crazy town propaganda wing. Well well I'm GonNa Bring you some news to CNN. And this is a political great. But I was just curious just curious what you thought because I didn't know so. CNN recently reported that Las Vegas the city of it They are trying a new initiative. That if you have a parking citation one that is is not involving like an cognitive movie or speeding right so speeding down at this parking illegally like I do I do talking about instead of paying for the ticket with money you can get out of it by donating food. I love that two birds. Two birds one one stone wants down. Yeah so it seemed did hand motions I did I was into. The donations are getting are going to be donated to an organization called helping hands of Vegas Valley. It's non for profit that provides assistance to low income or disabled seniors. Perfect perfect addict. I mean sorry that came out wrong. I'm glad that it's going to a good place to their low income or senior although we're not aged no if your income kinda sure that's fine with us too so they're trying to they're just trying this program out to see how it goes. They did a similar program in NJAI. Where instead of paying your parking ticket? You don't in school supplies. I love that because school is going to be starting in August man. That seems so smart because then people feel better about paying their parking tickets. I think people probably do pay their parking tickets but not really you know it feels like such a scam. Oh come on things zoning and and do what the money ten am. I got a parking ticket which lets let's you will you have. You will on on your shield right now. Maybe I do. There's only one in my glove department where one goes to purchase gloves of course but if if I got outta my parking ticket by donating school supplies eighth done gullion. Does it mention in the article if they require some sort of parody from like fifty dollar ticket fifty cans of food or something. There's a press release from the city. Let me look at that press. Release here we go so so. They're asking asking that when you try to resolve this ticket by donating your food you're donating food items of equal or greater value to the fine of your parking ticket So that's a lot that could be a lot because a parking ticket. Well I you know. I've had sixty dollars parking tickets. I've had one hundred and fifty dollar uh-huh calling one hundred and fifty dollars parking ticket on kids. Yeah that's their ask. I think that's fair. So it's going to skate over that. Yeah so if I got one hundred fifty dollars parking ticket for parking on a kid like colleen did and does and I shop at all the where a can of beans sounds costs seventy five cents. That's like a pallet of being. Yeah well I mean I'm still going to do it. Sure because it feels feels like that's going to directly to a cause that you believe in. Yeah but Golly Gee will occurs you are. You'RE GONNA you're GonNa Rent Yeah you hall an electrified. U-HAUL I think you're making a good point though I think thank you. Thank you are because you should buy economically to get the most food you can get instead of blowing in at the whole foods wholefoods killing. He'd been because they're three dollars. A can O to Ralph health too much. I'm hoping these folks that are doing. This are being thoughtful about. I'm sure they are. We don't have to solve all the world's problems in one podcast but if they're interested did reach out to me. I've got tons of ideas. I think though I commend the city of Las Vegas for thinking about this in a creative way to see this more of this breath. And just the idea that it's not going into some Bureaucratic Michael just like. Oh sure yeah. I paid that but I is that just lining the the where that's GonNa aunt. Yeah we don't know in Chicago. Who knows who knows who knows who we know? What would you like to see happen in Chicago? What can we do? Maybe let's think bigger than the parking tickets great if instead of paying my property Texas outrageous outrageous. Oh Yeah I wonder are. So you're paying your property tax and instead of paying in dollars that go into a fund that is used to pay for services like schools and streets and et Cetera et CETERA. Yeah I I would much rather like do a service for the city oo ooh at a market rate. That's cool like what if I could pour the cement to fill in all the cracks in my neighborhood right bright bright. Or what if you built the not built or installed the neighborhood school playground equipment. Absolutely that sort of thing. Yeah I think would be really interesting because I'm sure that my work is cheaper and worse that the city could hire right. Ah I've got that going for me. Thanks for listening. Do have good news. Incredible or maybe WanNa tell us a joke idea. Excellent the email us at hello at the good news. PODCASTS dot F. M. or leave us a voicemail at seven three two one seven zero one five six you can also tweet us at the Good News Pot and follow us on instagram too. 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