Upgrade 284: We're In the Ear Business - burst 03



That is business right. That's what is the Oscars Sunday night last night There there wasn't a ton in regards to awards. No Nice Way to say Netflix. Didn't win your Netflix. Anything knbr one on one thing. But they didn't win for the Irishman which is one that they really were hoping to win for it. Got A lot of nominations win. Only one of them won. It was American factory which we've talked about here before it won. Best documentary because that's the first production from higher ground. The production company run by the OBAMAS. who were not mentioned on stage by the way that that didn't happen? I was curious I was like bigger shoutout to Barack and Michelle here did not for American factory but I still think that that's the reason that they sure Obama was and that's probably what they wanted still a little mystified that Apollo eleven didn't get nominated. They didn't category. But you know what you're GONNA do. As however the reason we're talking about today is because in the perfect into section of upstream during interview off to picking up his award for best adapted screenplay Taika Waititi spoke very negatively about apple's keyboards. It has

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