Protesters block trains, as police arrest 33 people opposing Canada gas pipeline. South Dakota rejects tribal IDs for voter registration. Tribal leaders, and New Mexico government officials celebrate Native American Day


Demonstrations were held across Canada over the weekend as tensions rise over a gas asked pipeline in British Columbia. Dan Carpenter has more in Toronto. It in Belleville Ontario protesters forced suspension of passenger rail service. They were in support of the. What suet in first nation after six members were arrested in northern British Columbia Royal Canadian Mounted Police moved in to enforce an injunction against the nation's hereditary chiefs and their supporters that what suet opposed to the six point six billion dollar coastal gasoline slink pipeline the hereditary chiefs say? The project has no authority without their consent and the Ontario protesters came out to back them. The RCMP is in the midst of an invasion of. What's who attend territory? They've been dragging plan defenders from their own territory which legally they don't have jurisdiction over meanwhile L. in British Columbia police continue to make arrests during the weekend. Tensions remain high and more arrests are expected as protesters continue trying to block the pipeline as contractors. Was it to get back to the site of the pipeline area to restart their work. At the end of December. The Provincial Supreme Court issued the injunction against the nation that was blocking the access to the project and empowered police to enforce it for National Native News. I'm Dan Carpenter in the South Dakota Legislature House. Republicans are rejecting adding an amendment that would add tribal. Id's as a valid identification to register to vote lease drooping A.. Reports current state law allows those they driver's license licensed to register to vote. Or someone can register to county. Auditor's office and sign an affidavit house. Democrats brought an amendment to include tribal. Id's but it got rejected acted democratic. State Representative Sean Bordeaux is a member of the Rosebud tribe. He says he's struggling with the pushback against tribal. ID's so it's like they want to try. Try to impact in effect the voting by trying to get natives not to vote very frustrating to see that happen and a little bit of a pain in a heart to see that folks take a direct attack at some of the most vulnerable people who often don't have the vehicles or the means to get to where they need to the Go-to vote Republicans point to concerns about consistency between tribes. There are nine different. Reservations within the state's borders representative Tamra Saint. John is a Republican who voted against adding tribal. Id's to register to vote. She's a member of the tribe. She says she's studying a native American. Voting Voting Rights Act that's being debated in Washington State for National Native News. I'm Lisa group injure. NPR tribal leaders members of the native community lawmakers and state officials official celebrated American Indian Day Friday at the state capital in Santa Fe. They focused on environmental protection sacred sites in young people New Mexico Governor Michelle L.. Luhan Grisham share that the state has common goals with tribes on the Environment The environment and your sacred lands and this is a remarkable commitment that the state is showing credible leadership Lieutenant Governor Carlton Bowel Coty Zuni Pueblo Says Choco Canyon and northwestern Stern New Mexico is of concern a sacred area linking them culturally and part of their way of life a lot of the songs that we have a lot of the person we have some of those in bygone gone languages some some of those songs that impairs have don't exist in some form or fashion other than our way of life and we believe that it is that connection andries discovery to these connection to these previous places that allow US vows to revive our people spiritual strength a number of tribal leaders are or seeking greater protection of Chaka Canyon from

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