Ross and Carrie Meet Isis: Age of Aquarius Edition


We got a hold of Isis aquarian via phone. She's in Hawaii. We had seen her at the source family reunion dinner but but we didn't talk to her there but she heard our show and she agreed to come on and talk to us and then she did it and it sounded like this high isis. How're you ewing doing Okay well thank you so much for doing this with us. Sure so isis want you tell us about how you got involved in the source family family to begin with I was living in. La Actually engaged to a famous rock and roll photographer. Rondo Shelly loved La. Look everything we were you were you originally from La. I grew up in the air force. My Dad was a military man so we lived in California before. But you know I basically basically lived Oregon California Hawaii okay. A real coastal girl. Oh actually we were living in Florida. My devastation it takes canaveral on. When was this that you are working with your photographer? Slash boyfriend in L. A. Mid Sixties. Okay actually hit meant what Jim Baker when he had three famous restaurants on sunset boulevard breath aware in the world and then the source and he was actually known as Food Goo. Jim Baker was an iconic Hollywood legend. Before he was even bother you owed. Oh Oh okay. That's news to me. In what way his restaurants were all very famous okay. Everybody went to his restaurants. They were shot as a curve. Her and he was you know he was La Player. He was very good looking and he was very inland with no one. BEADY and Steve Allen and it was the in crowd and and he was very well-known. Interesting Steve Allen of our ears so those those two people seem like unlikely. Unlikely friends because Steve Allen was sort of not very into the spiritual side of things. Do you know anything about that friendship while Jim Baker wasn't he didn't it really started his spiritual trip until he sold you old world kind of went on his journey and devise on each other before then. The way I described him Baker's he was the ultimate animal man. He's a man's man that he was lazy. And then now the women loved Kim Piazza Array of friends from Jack Lang to Paul Breaks. So well connected. When did you make the connection with him? Well when I hit lose UCLA. Before I met lawn I had gone to the old world. I was actually introduced to him and his wife. At the time I actually became very good friends with his wife. The store was kind of a whole put on us. Never really kindness connected we did we. Didn't you thought maybe a relationship or something might arise sooner than it did. It was a playboy and then I just Kinda moved onto another crowd and Net ron and then you know we were doing our studio. I haven't seen Jim in in a year or two. I heard that he opened. This restaurant called the source. It was the beginning beginning of this. That you chain restaurant that he opened up and we were looking for models for Jesus Christ superstar Mhm Booster we were doing and I love that I need some Jesus type looking people and I said well. I've heard that my old friend. Jim has him at this restaurant. There's a collection of Jesus wearing roads. I stepped onto the source doors patio. He came out looking like Moses. You know so close he wanted. Jesus and Moses. Yeah so you know is is women following him and beautiful young people at the stores and it was just like something happened I just I clicked. uh-huh never looked back. Did you have to go home and think about it and then return the next day just immediately a member it was immediately. I was Aw something happened. I would if it was if I knew this is what I was there for. I instantly blue that we had made agreements before incriminating and he confirmed that just like my destiny was that was it it was assets. What was the confirmation to just kind of agree with you or did he have some kind of evidence of that now? He looked at me and he said I. I've been waiting for you. It was like a cosmic snick download. And then he's voiced it. Okay yeah so I went back home and I told you on that. I was playing to join the first family way and I thought he would actually come with. Yeah I remember in the documentary. He was saying that that wasn't for him. Come with me. And he thought I was stark raving me now and he let me go thinking that you know in a couple of weeks I would be back but I didn't. That was that that next day you were having having Frist Bruce as a family and the sunflower and Solomon. Yeah that was the proof of Solomon and that to the studio and I got some cameras and I just started documenting. Because that's what I was used to doing. That started my path of being a family. Historian all starring in our guys keep her which is so cool and I think what really makes the source standout from so many other groups that you have so much documentation. How much of that is yours? And how did you kind of make sure that you yourself were included in the in the documentation. Well it was all mine. Basically I started it and then I was just with him all the time following him around and I became like one of the family administrators and Kinda hands the camera off to a Swiss. This brother only and by that time. He likes the whole thing being you know recording and he said this will end up saving the legacy and who has all that now. Does it take a good chunk of your house. How many photos yard? I you know she'll onto the art guys through forty some years of being here Hawaii. They started getting started deteriorating because the climate and just one day I well well you know I gotta figure this out. I gotTa do something and that was about fifteen years ago when I decided I was going to write the book. I never never intended to be the one that wrote the book but I couldn't get anybody else to do it. Some people were families didn't even know they were in the source family. They didn't Walker kids to know about the story. Okay so so how. Many of the former members G. think are still open about how they were in the source family versus what percentage would you say. Just kind of. Don't talk about it. It's buried deep in the past for them. Well since the documentaries a book and all the publicity the city and and we've had a couple of family reunions. I think everybody's pretty open to you. Know some people that that are negative negative to it and realization that we all came to and it was quite a shock to me when I think it was. We didn't all have the same. Mainly -ality is added censure thought through the Lens of our own being our own karmic experience that we had. y'All were on a different different paths with it so if we different people will get different stories everybody else. I'll have the same experience That's a really nuanced onced. Lovely view that you know we all have these different experiences and we might see them you know totally subjectively. I feel like that's A A little contrasting with some of the the ways that was presented in documentary where it felt more like father yoed is the embodiment of God and everyone in the source kind of saw him that way and he really was. What was the word? It was like your your earthly master. Something like that. So how do we do. Yes we you went through those phases through all phases from the beginning of the family we went to so many incarnations experience. The American Indian Chips the Hebrews. He took assuming everything he was on his path. Also listen incredible me but you know yes it got messy at times you know we were all all trying to figure it out including him he had to figure it out too. There was bends in the road. Yes you know. I think we all got a passing grade. We were a mystery school. We were just hippie. We were into the spiritual pursuit and it was new territory for him for all of us. Who is God? He was God to us. It's not uncommon to talk that way not uncommon to talk about being in our God goddess. Okay so what's he got in the same way that I'm God. Yeah Yeah so you know forty years ago that was just like new territory. We we saw each other gods. We saw each other spiritual beings

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