[Part 1] On Great Teachers and the Remarkable Life: A Deliberate Practice Case Study by Cal Newport


Predicting greatness. The impact of teachers is profound if you rank the world's countries by their students academic performance the US this is somewhere in the middle in two thousand Nine Yorker Article Malcolm guy well knows stat. Replacing the bottom six percent ten percent of public school teachers with teachers of average quality polity could be enough to close the gap between our current position and the top ranked countries quote. Your child is actually better off in a bad school with an excellent teacher then in an excellent school with a bad teacher Gladwin concludes. But there's a problem quote. No one knows what a person with the potential to be. A great teacher. Looks like Mike and quote or at least. According to Glad Well Teaching for America nonprofit recruits outstanding college graduates to teach in low income. School districts disagrees. His organization is fanatical about data for the past twenty years. They've gathered massive amounts of statistics on their teachers in an attempt to figure out why some succeed in the classroom in some fail Ale then work backwards from these results to identify what traits best predict a potential recruits success as a man Ripley reports in a comprehensive look inside the teach for America process published in the Atlantic monthly the results of this outcome based approach to hiring our humbly. I came into this with a bunch of theories to former head of admissions at teach. Teach for America told Ripley quote proven wrong at least as many times as I was validated and quote when each for America I started twenty years ago applicants were subjectively subjectively scored by interviewers on twelve general traits like communication ability sample interview question. What is wind by contrast? If you're one of the thirty five five thousand students who applied in two thousand nine a pool that included eleven percent of Ivy League seniors. Thirty data points gathered from a combination of questionnaires demonstrations in interviews us were fed into a detailed quantitative model that returned a hiring recommendation. This data driven approach seems to work as readily reports in two thousand seven twenty ninety four percent of teach for America. Teachers advance their students at least one and a half grade levels or more two years later as the organization's models continue to evolve this number has almost doubled to forty four percent. I'm fascinated by teach for America for a simple reason the trace. They discovered at the core of great teaching are unmistakably a variant of deliberate practice not the pure coach driven practice a professional athletes and chess grandmasters but a hardy adaptable strain rain applicable to almost any field put another way these outstanding teachers may have unwittingly cracked the code generating a remarkable life inside inside the classroom of an outstanding teacher in her Atlantic. Piece Ripley recounts and afternoons spent in the math. Classroom of William Taylor a teacher in Southeast Washington. DC who ranks in the top five percent of all math teachers in the district. When Taylor enters the classroom is students fall into a strictly choreographed interaction? Good morning he calls

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