John Bolton says he is prepared to testify in Senate trial if subpoenaed


If the Senate decides to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of president trump former national security adviser John Bolton now says he would honor a subpoena Phil Mattingly gets us up to date on what that might mean white with a single statement former national security adviser John Bolton jolted an impeachment process that has been stuck in a stalemate Bolton who declined to testify in the house impeachment inquiry now saying he has concluded quote if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony hi I am prepared to comply it's a shift with major ramifications in the Senate house Democrats are treating impeachment like a political toy for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and democratic leader Chuck Schumer have been battling for weeks over whether to subpoena witnesses a trial without all the facts is a farce Bolton's possible testimony could be key given his central role in the democratic investigation highlighted in the house and by his lawyer who in November said Bolton quote was personally involved in many of the events meetings and conversations about which you have already received testimony as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed the new development underscore a democratic strategy to withhold sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate I hope for a and believe there's a decent chance that for Republicans will join us if they do we will have a fair trial for Republicans joining with all forty seven of the chamber's Democrats these all Schumer would need to fashion a trial along the lines he's been pushing for with Democrats eyeing a group of potential GOP converts to help their costs even as none at least to this point have expressed a willingness to go that route both Schumer and house speaker Nancy Pelosi seizing on every new development to underscore the need for documents and witnesses now hello see reacting to the bold news tweeting quote the president and senator McConnell have run out of excuses saying through correspondent Phil Mattingly it is nine minutes past the hour well it appears that Congress is going to be briefed later this week on president trump's actions in the Middle East let's bring in when the canyon for that Michael senator McConnell says he believes the details and the justification for the attack will become more clear on Wednesday when the administration brief is Congress going out maintained a shred just the threat of national unity for five minutes for five minutes before deepening the partisan trenchers but the trenches have already been deepened says Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer who worries not only about the operation but about how trump when about notifying Congress and the American people the American people need clarity that the trump administration has a plan not just the tweet a plan to keep our troops our nation and our people safe senator McConnell warns this kind of rhetoric is premature could win lose remember we're all Americans first and we're all in this together senator Schumer says we are in this together that's why he says we all should be worried about president trump his policies seem to be characterized by you radic impulsive and often egotistical behavior with little regard to a long term strategy Hawaii democratic senator may see her on says the president's actions will lead to a cascade of consequences rather than de escalating the tensions that are already there I think we've done the opposite with the president's a precipitous action for senator Schumer the issue is clear in my view president trump does not does not have authority to go to war with Iran to that end the house is taking up a resolution this week that firmly states what authority the president does

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