You said you want to preach to run it right I deal with them the same


Nicole Kidman how about the things that she's there she does everything that she dies is remarkable I love her bombshell is amazing I just saw that is like I don't even realize that was released Aaron yeah it's a nightmare you just think it's amazing how the whole time I knew it was silly stare because I'm reading my research right and I watch it had a Google whose playmaking Kelly because it was incredible as her yeah it was lit it was remarkable how she it may just want to do more research on everything and I downloaded making Kelly's book on my audible and sent down listen what does not oppose you listening to the book you listen to the book yeah I think I have that yeah it's nice is it yeah because the person who says please actually narrating yeah that so she's never in a bar in her own book and that's usually the case that makes it better sometimes it's not then yeah you're like I can't listen to this I want to also use any and audio hog inaudible hot to Keith urban this man is remarkable as well he's just so loving and talented and nice and kind PM and he looked at last I

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