Can you Have 2 Devices with Different Wake Words?

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Wife got got an echo dot for Christmas. I was wondering if she can call hers which is located in the bedroom a different name than the original one purchased. It is located relatively close to the bedroom. Is there a way to use two different wake words. And first of all as I love to recognize those mckinney. That helped out a number of people chimed in there with the response those include Terry Williams Jewel vandal and Patrick Doyle. So thank you all of you for your responses. The answer was answered very nicely by all of you. Basically the answer is yes you can. You can change the wake words but they're limited so you have to go in through your APP Your Theory Alexi App and you can choose between Green Lexi Alien. Say as we know but you can also set it to computer echo or Amazon. So if you have to devices that are in close proximity and you want I want to talk to one particular device that can be a nice way to do it. In theory Lexi the technology behind it should be able to distinguish which device you're closer to and be able to know that you are speaking to that particular device if you actually have the wake words the same devices but in practice. It doesn't always work as well. So if you want to. Set up a foolproof way. A fool proof way of doing that. That would be to what you just described William and that is to change awake words of the two devices. You can totally do that. And that's one way to solve the

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