John Beilein's slugs, RJ Barrett's blurry Knicks existence & the NBA's biggest dead ends - burst 11

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Balances. Someone could have risen up like Ben Simmons and knocked the ball off the rim before the second bounce Michael Michael I know you respect that moment. So don't you WanNa reconsider your idea. Michael it's a great point. I hadn't considered this but you would be changing being a huge moment in NBA history with your rule. Change going forward. Are you still in favor of getting rid of basket interference. I mean Jay Save it just brings up a great point. I'm not changing my stance on this at all but that was a great moment in NBA. History I will say though that imagine if everyone was allowed to just crash the rim after the first bounce like how entertaining would that be. Who knows you say? Ben Simmons Men's gets to it who knows mark assaults rate there. Marcus could have been the hero would Joel Embiid of even gone out to contest knowing that he could have hung around at the rim to Swat a potential bouncing dancing ball away like there's so many different scenarios that could have happened had Had the rules been different. So I I see Jaycees point I love his point I wouldn't want to change that moment at all but I am just saying you know there's a reason also that a ball has not bounced on the rim like seventeen times gone in to win when a game seven of a playoff series before so. Let's not overreact to that one moment where they'd say yeah.

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