Broncos Finalizing Deal to Make Pat Shurmur New Offensive Coordinator


Well we just talk to my class are brokers insider who told us that the deal is done with that tactic Schirmer to be the new see for the Denver Broncos official press release from the team hopefully coming sometime before the end of the week big al with Schirmer being the new offense of coordinator what do you see as the pros and cons for this this young this young offense with the very young rookie quarterback is gonna be going into your to what I'm looking for are the things that that you can give a team and that's easy to roles and I always talk about this because I believe that that's the key to winning football games in this league how can you create an easy throw a one on one getting the guy wide open like we saw Devine to Adam's last night plan for the Packers you know the Packers go with the heavy formation they run a play that look like it's going to be a post but it then it turns into a corner is a seven right and then you look up and you say all my goodness the guy has a football it's one on one coverage he makes one guy miss and any out runs the coverage that's it easy to roll okay it's not fit the ball in the window it's not a drop back play act soon getting a guide you know own a seventeen yard dig route it's none of those things it's making the girls that the good players make to wide open guys but you have to design those plays for those guys to be wide open and the quarterback shouldn't be surprised when a wide open and when they're not wide open take the ball and run it that's what the good teams in the NFL do that's how you win football games in this business by getting your quarterback easy throws that you can feel good about and we didn't do that especially not against the Kansas City Chiefs are we rich gang real and I hate to see guys getting fired trust me it's it's not it's it's you know nobody wants to see that I wish there was a way that he could have stayed on and work with the quarterbacks something of that nature but maybe it's maybe it's too muddy if he's in Rome but you know it just we just have to have a change in and once again the greatest throws in the NFL aren't necessarily the ones that are forty M. fifty yards down the field like we saw this weekend but we also saw we also saw Patrick my homes we were out to the running back I think it was Williams out of the backfield on what looked like to be a six star pass it ended up being a seventeen yard touchdown the design of the play against the covers that was played was perfect and the guy had a free run to the end zone I mean those are the plays that you expect out of a great offensive coordinator and that's certainly what I'm looking forward Pat Shurmur who spent a lot of time with Andy Reid and Philadelphia I take it I think he was there for at least ten seasons with Andy Reid going from offense of line coach tidy and coats two quarterbacks coach so he understands the offense it's complete and of course in that Minnesota offense that's what we have to go last because that's where he was calling plays exclusively you look at that team and what they were able to do and the way that they brought on Adam Thielen out of no where to become a star well you know that he understands what kind of receipt what the receivers need to look like and not how they need to run there are so many different ways that we can look at this as be an improvement to be an improvement to what we had last year in part of it believe it or not Joe Joe is evaluating players for the upcoming draft that's a big big part of it because trust me there is a common formula to run in this offense and really make it work Stefon Diggs is the guy that blows the doors off of the defense is for the Minnesota Vikings before we and you look at back at Pat Shurmur when he was with Andy Reid it was the son Jackson now what is a in to read as he has he'll explosive wires see what to add to re kill who blows the doors off so I'm almost guaranteed you I'm almost guaranteeing you were going to find a guy that can blow the doors off of the defense in round one or two of this year's NFL draft that's how you make that all things work do you have a guy that can a workhorse guy who can catch the balls and make it happen that's called sudden but we need one of those guys that is scary says that blows the doors off the defense the evaluation process of what that guy looks like I trust Pat Shurmur more than I do John Elway to

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