5-year-old boy, grandfather killed in Cicero apartment fire memorialized in community vigil


Family members neighbors police and firefighters all gathered in a community community in in Cicero Cicero they they remembered remembered the the lives lives of of five five year year old old David David castallanos castallanos to to third third and and his his sixty sixty one one year year old old grandfather grandfather David David castallanos castallanos senior senior both both were were killed killed in in an an apartment apartment fire fire it it happened happened early early Tuesday Tuesday near near twelve twelve place place in in Cicero Cicero Avenue Avenue WGN's WGN's Tonya Tonya Francisco Francisco reported reported from from the the vigil vigil at at says says rose rose liberty liberty elementary hundreds from the community of Cicero including the town president when you call today make sure you hug your kids tell me alone and David's teacher he loved everything he wanted to make his dad so proud came out to pay tribute to the kind of Gardner among them the customer knows family the building commissioner commissioner who who was was also also the the school school board board president president spoke spoke about about visiting visiting the the scene scene the the day day of of the the fire fire and and I I could could not not focus focus on on on on the the damaged damaged building building what what I I was was focusing focusing on on is is the toys in the bikes with big wheels that are are in the backyard and I felt a bit of comfort knowing that that little one had fun short time he was here daisy Leone and her nine year old son Julian little couple doors down from where the fire started it's a very sad sad week Sattar said black every time I pass through their just keep on my face this is a real fire chief says the investigation has ruled out foul play they're now focusing on electrical and mechanical equipment in the building's basement

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