Testimony begins in trial of former Dallas police officer charged in 21-year-old's shooting death


He says game talks in clinical terms but still the Dallas County medical examiner today gave a jarring description of the wounds suffered by a Dallas woman the night she was shot by a police officer okay are all these LP Phillips has the latest on the former cops aggravated assault trial the cause of death gunshot wounds the manner homicide Dr Chester Gwynn performed the autopsy on twenty one year old Jena B. dogs after she was killed by former police officer Christopher has has fired a dozen shots five hit Dawes Quinn says several of the shots looked worse than they were like one shot to our neck could have certainly been fatal from blood loss but with the rapid medical attention the young none of the great vessels were injured so it's it's possible if it was just that gunshot wound and prompt medical attention she may have survived but another shot was fatal severing dollars fine prosecutors say has did not have to open fire even of dollars was trying to drive away they say she posed no threat to anyone tennis is expected to take the stand perhaps as early as

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