This week in sports history


Will start off in nineteen seventeen were four teams of the National Hockey League the NHL play in the fledgling leagues first two games at the time of its inception the NHL was made up of five franchises the Canadians in the wonders both the Montreal Ottawa senators the Quebec Bulldogs and the Toronto arenas this week in nineteen thirty three the NFL start keeping official stats as the Chicago Bears beat the New York Giants twenty three twenty one in the championship game this week in nineteen fifty six Phil Rizzuto signs on as the New York Yankees radio and TV announcer he retired in nineteen ninety six he was famous for the use of this phrase holy cow this week in nineteen seventy two the Miami Dolphins become the first undefeated NFL team in the regular season going fourteen and they would then win all three postseason games including the Superbowl this week in nineteen eighty NBC broadcast the New York Jets twenty four seventeen win over the dolphins without any announcers it is never been attempted again although some game should have a lot less commentary and this week in twenty ten the miracle at the Meadowlands to

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