Weather service issues alert for falling iguanas in Florida


Before there is a real cold snap in Florida right now there's weird weather happening all over the place quite frankly and there's a falling iguana alert there's been issued in Florida due to the cold temperatures but don't assume that the iguanas are dead you want to slow down to become immobile when the temperatures drop into the forties they may fall from trees but they're not dead green iguanas are an invasive species in Florida known for eating for landscaping the National Weather Service this is not this is not made up this is not this is not an onion story this in fact is a real story the National Weather Service in Miami is issued an unofficial warning for falling iguanas on Tuesday night due to an unusual cold snap that hit the sunshine state the that this could quote this is something we usually we this isn't something we usually forecast but don't be surprised if you see a Qantas falling from the trees as the temperatures drop into the thirties and forties the weather service tweeted iguanas are cold blooded they slow down or become immobile when temperatures drop to the forties they may fall from the trees but they are not dead the weather service said what's once temperatures reach a certain level iguanas stiffen up and fall out of the trees this is your maps walking around and wanted to start falling from the trees kids are getting ready to go to Disneyland home get hit in the head with an iguana a I Chris Chris Michael's a meteorologist at WSLS TV in Norfolk Virginia who said that this is something that's been that he's been observed over the years in South Florida at about fifty degrees iguanas could become lethargic it's when the temperature drops to about forty degrees or lower that their blood doesn't move around as quickly as a result they stiffen up and fall out of the trees which is frequent we apologize for the inconvenience it's so cold in Florida Disney world water park and other Orlando parks are closing during a similar cold snap and iguana warning issued two years ago well meaning residence finding stiffened iguanas were advised to leave them alone as they may feel threatened and bite once they warm up don't assume that their dead Kristin summers who oversees the non native fish and wildlife program of the Florida fish and wildlife concert con conservation commission said in a January eighteenth cold spell green iguanas are an invasive species that two week cold snap with temperatures below forty degrees in two thousand ten killed off many iguanas along with Burmese pythons and other invasive pests that thrive in South Florida sub tropical climate this week's cold snap should be short lived the weather service said as temperatures are forecast to rebound into the mid seventies for highs in Miami by Thursday so it just a couple more days of of cold weather you know it's it's amazing how there are certain how how certain climate bit I've states they have a certain climate react to weather change because the immediate forty degrees forty thirty thirty something degrees of Florida's crazy crazy because he we think Florida I think Florida I think he I think humidity that guy think uncomfortable that's what I think living in

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