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Welcome back to the PODCAST. Thank you so much excited. I'm you know what I am. I'm super hungry. I've never been so hungry for cast. I'm looking at these glistening crispy. Golden Brown empanadas is in the middle of the table. And I can get one you of course different once again tell you I. A couple of these have A little bit of sugar got like my grandmother used to put my like. I duNNo. She needed for us so it gives it an extra layer of sweetness and then I read a couple of a couple of people helped me through the ripple. Yeah that's the way you crimp it To show the Francis sometimes they do that depending on the field. Lean gene. You know when you go to the stores they have different ways of closing them. So you know if it's chicken and beef and cheese of whatever pressure beating one two the only one but now I'm talking about my mouth twelve. It's all right. That's what I told everyone. Adam wants to chew on the micro comment or no no. No I mean come on. Everyone does okay. You've done chew videos for us. WE WANNA one with Bradley. Only at your first video ever Dow one was my father's. There's time in front of a Combo being part of the video. Yes we'll read. What was that like? I was really nervous during seem nervous. No I know but I thought it was going to lose my voice Because when I get emotionally I lose my voice and you know the difference and I was just trying to talk and let's talk about that so brad is I'm GonNa say six foot four Gabby is what are you short of one. Actually my past five to what are you. What are you barefoot? Five five okay right. But I'm shrinking but thinking that we all are but brad does that thing where you kind of like spreads his his legs out and he kind of gets a low on the counter because you know can be the same kind of way was he. Did the video. Was it easier than you thought it would be in terms of doing doing it or it was fun I was. I was hard to follow him. You never know what to expect to him but it was fun and I feel like I I was able to talk about. The empanadas and people are super excited in Argentina that I actually was representing so I think it went. Well did you get it. Comments from people in Argentina. Oh yeah yeah from. I add From South America in general or over specially from Argentina. Some of them were like oh well in my town. We don't make them like these. Because inside Argentina. We have different types of bananas. We have like the ones from the north. They wants from the south of the center. That's where I'm from one side is so these are called for ten years because if you're born in one side is your potential from from the port of so you know we are very opinionated people you know I would Argentina's in general we are like. Yeah no I do it this way. Do it that way. Some people is because if you need like racing's or not and some people say oh these gusty and it has all leaves but for me Dania. Has You're going for the second one people aboard. He's having the second one. I make them kind of a small. So let's start with the ones on the plate now. which is the first video of you and Brad from his? It's alive series. This is a ground beef. EMPANADA beef typical tenure. You have raisins in Maher racing's or leaves on our lips the ground beef of obviously grabbers on yawns and then in you'll have oregon o q mean salt pepper. A tiny bit of sugar a little bit of public for Koehler. That's what makes that juicing using US and then I put a hint of Cayenne pepper for heat because I hear people tend to like hear a little more. We're not really into hot spicy spicy. I think it's nice to have a little bit a little sugar just a balanced. Yeah okay so in that first video the what I noticed right away was you made me feel okay about not making my own dough. Oh no totally I mean empanadas reveille eaten in. Let's say typical family probably might WANNA say once a week maybe every other week. But he's something that you get together with friends and you order out. We have great places that sell. NPR's and they deliver. There are some places that they do. Only empanadas can niqab any flavor in the world. You can imagine and in other places a habit Sonnen Pinellas so you either order or you make your own so people people are like no within their friends for their feeling but you will not find anybody that is going to make Bacon Bananas making their own doll. Because he's such a long process. It's not even worth twenty minutes later. Everybody item so we have really good a star Bought doll that it comes already pre pack and we use that. I mean if someone tells you that making their own doll deadline I think this take this impression. Like in Italy for instance there's a ton of Italians in Argentina that everyone makes own pasta scratch every night and this is not the case. No no no no we have also with with really good. Pass the places that you go buy. Fresh passed away the Kilo- All Dogs we do a my rather is makes the best pizza pizza. People make at home on Saturday nights. Yeah the guys make beats a home. Friday nice nice very common. You all do some house. And they make the you know don't beat Sally Gracie B. of the best pizza all right. So I WANNA make empanadas at home. What sort of dough should I buy? Whichever using if I'm not making my own these is when he's gone he's gone on? It's like you can buy it in any supermarket. Basically actually when when I publish which member be on February of two thousand seventeen one of the things that Rick Martinez was sculpting with was to fact checked. You know like find out if you can really really find these doll everywhere and it is. It's really easy available. You can even know that it on Amazon. What doty's does it? It's called Empanada or it says in English turnovers doll right. No I see them watching my Guy Jones happy so be any Spanish local local market if you live in a neighborhood that some sort of Latino community I'm sure they're having go yeah though They have different ones. They have some for Frayne gene and they have Colombian door that is completely different. Because he's make with Like sort of like cornmeal completely different because those refrain gene so these one is actually at says For BANARAS for waking I need it comes from Uruguay. Actually it comes. They'll comes from European Goya packages here in New Jersey near my house. All right so but if you don't have these you've done us any puff pastry and caroline can circles rounds. And that's it. Because he's very similar to puff pastry so for this one. For the filling you were browning. The ground beef seasoning thing it and then you took out the ground beef from the pot and then you put the onus on the papers. That's one way of doing it. I think when we publish the recipe we the first on and a and then we moved them out. You can either either either way for me. It's faster to do the one part and the meeting. Another the reason why I do it that way because I used to make three hundred hundred panels every weekend when I was selling them. Okay we're GONNA get to that first. Let's get to the ground beef. Onions and red peppers seasoning seasoning cumin sake and releases all these juice and makes it sweat. That's the flavor you're going for. You cut out rounds with a pastry cutter or news. Come already already come on. We got anything and they come with these little plastic in between doing so. They don't get stuck one way or the other see. That's what I noticed. I noticed when you took the felling but first of all you want a cool the feeling feeling you can even freeze the feeling. My mother used to freeze the feeling abortions. And then it's much better because when you're baking it Y- releases all that water all the Jews even better. Yeah so you were using like a little like ice cream scoops because I like to measure you know. I don't want one every Empanada have the same amount. I'm also so far of not putting your leaps keeps anti-lien so I wanted on a line like in a restaurant. Is that continuing more. We're GONNA get me angry letters but no no no yes GSA anyways you. You've got your feeling with the raisins onions this nap but the olive separate the Reagan half. Yeah and then I make sure everything Pinella has. That's the League Asian. Sorry people I'm saying to myself. I make sure that everybody gets two halves of only because the worst by will be like if if he does someone Oh inputting olives a panel and then they bite on it and he's gone so when you're feeling is done you can actually don see anymore. Where Olives went you know so I was carefully? Put two halves of olive anytime panella before I closed them. So you fold them over with this little. Okay Yeah just to fill me in then you you pinch them shot. And then the big question between you and Brad on the video of it's alive. Was You crimp them with the four or you do the fancy thing that you do right well. Criminal with the fork makes them look bigger. So here's the C- could people when I was selling them. I was using the fork. Not only because it was fluster and get somebody to tell me that was my mother on. They look bigger so you can judge they all right. People don't don't lie. When he stood cream they feel like they're eating a lot of doll? I love it personally. What's the word again ripple Julia Gay how responding back I E? BU ALGAE E rebelled. Would you so you so it's like you're it's almost like a looks like a little rope. You're sort of twisting at unto itself so you had a nice nice braided exterior exterior. It's super pretty. I know and I can do really quick and the story goes these about anyone I was aid. I don't remember much but we're GonNa have a fourth God. I know they're tiny tiny people he's not even know overeating When I was eight my grandmother who could never actually cramp really pretty really? She used to do the fork because it was faster. You know you're making three four thousand in Pinellas. She asked me to help her because I was always in the kitchen with her and pardon me I started. You know I started twisted Empanada crimping like that during the report and she almost cry because I was doing it exact same way her mother that she could never learn it well and I met my grandmother when I was one and then she dies or she couldn't have possibly taught me on so I guess it wasn't my jeans

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