Iowa caucuses early results: Buttigieg and Sanders are leading


Breaking News As we await Joe Biden was first remark since we received early results from Iowa Senator Bernie Sanders campaign says. It's optimistic. That rival Buddha judge will not be declared the winner of the state a senior sanders campaign official telling. CNN quote will be in first. When it's all counted the campaign also touting sanders lead in the raw vote total out front now democratic no credit congresswoman Pramilla Paul? She's endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. And I appreciate your time as always so right now. The numbers we have sixty two percent in so obviously thirty eight percents still to go. Sanders is in second at twenty five point one percent of the vote. Will you accept the results if the margin remains this tight but a judge right now only at Twenty six point nine when that is incredibly tight. Will you accept those results. If that's how tight is with Buddha judges winner well I think all I know is what I saw in Iowa uh-huh and what I see in the numbers which is that Bernie Sanders is incredibly popular. He is winning the raw vote. I saw across Iowa Barnstorm Iowa Iowa was in some parts of Rural Iowa. You know in a in a little rural town and there's a hundred people down in a dark basement grady to go campaign for him the enthusiasm from from young voters from folks of color. People who traditionally have not participated in democracy. I think was was really encouraging. So I remain confident Bernie. Sanders will pull it out in the end. And I just think it's a real shame that we are still waiting because obviously the momentum from Iowa on matters to New Hampshire and on this issue of how well sanders is doing in the popular vote. Obviously up their delegates is what determines the winner of the state but he is up on popular. Vote Right now. I want to look at the map again though congresswoman just to get your reaction to this when you see the county's Buddha judges winning you can see now in that that kind of Pale Green gene which dominates the state of Iowa. Then let's just look at the one. Sanders is winning in blue. And obviously you got a lot of people in those but when you look at breadth across the estate Buddha judge so far is is dominating I mean there's there's no other way to put it when you look at those colors. Well I think one of the things we have to remember and I love Iowa but Iowa Iowa doesn't necessarily represent everywhere else in the country. We have an enormous number of base voters. Young voters folks of color. Who I think this is the turning point for the Democratic Party? We have to decide if we are going to engage in inspire those people so that we can bring them into the system and make the kinds of structural reforms that Bernie Sanders is pushing and an. I think that it is very important that we don't forget that. At the end of the day the Democratic Party base is is critically important we cannot take them for granted we have to expand the electorate. If we are going to make this country work for people again Erin so I wanna ask you. I know obviously. So you're hoping he comes out on top and you're very measured person But the presence team has been trying to push narrative. The caucuses rigged right. Eric Trump tweeted mark. My words their rigging this thing what a mess and Senator Sanders himself has used that word many times rigged in reference to the two thousand sixteen primary being rigged against him just just the other day his senior adviser Jeff. Weaver was complaining about a rules. Change the change that allows Bloomberg to be on the Democratic debate stage in Nevada and weaver said in part quote. That's the definition of a rigged system. Do you agree or do you think that that word is being thrown around way too much. The Sanders campaign should back off it as well because it's hurting faith in the system. Well I think the economy is rigged. I have thought that for a long time when you have three people in the country. Aaron who have the same combined wealth as one hundred in sixteen million Americans that's rigged economy now I think the DNC and I said this publicly the DNC changed the rules in this situation but how come the the DNC didn't change the rules in order to get cory booker or Houlihan Castro to be up on the stage so that we would have a diversity of presidential candidates and I think that these are the kinds of decisions that matter. Do you think that was really based on race that they rigged that on race. Is that what you're implying not. I'm just saying that if if rules are changed were for a billionaire than I don't know why they can't be changed to ensure that we have diversity that represents the breath and depth of the Democratic Party. I don't know they elite because they went off of polls which which of course Tom Perez was very open about right but he went off polls so we didn't look at the color of someone skinny looked at how they were doing in the polls. Do you not buy that argument argument. Well I just think look Tom. Perez is a good friend. I think he's done a great job and many levels. But I think that these are the kinds of things that reinforced enforce distrust of the democratic. Party we are trying to do everything. We can to unify the Democratic Party but when there are things like this that happened when there are big mistakes like using an APP in Iowa that apparently was never tested for for the kind of turnout that we were expecting tame and then you have a mess. That doesn't provide us with a winner sixties before the next primary election and these states understand I come from Washington state. We're not until until the middle of March but these dates determine so much about the future of the election and so I just think we have to be incredibly careful about making sure where we are really doing everything possible to show that we appreciate our base that we appreciate the diversity and that we are committed to making sure everyone is a part of our democracy Kung giant. I appreciate your time tonight. Thank you very

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