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NBC's streaming service Peacock will be free with ads



The Future Television is coming into focus. Comcast unveiling details of its streaming service called Peacock Peacock hopes to stand out in a crowded field by offering a free ad supported service. NBC Universal Chairman. Steve Burke explained the strategy at the company's presentation yesterday we think there's a clear opportunity to create a streaming platform that we own operate that. Give people what they want when they want it. But allow us to monetize. We also think we're uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity and play a leadership role in the demand streaming world and that unique AAC positioning comes from all of its content with more than six hundred movies available including titles from Universal Pictures Dreamworks Films Like E and Jaws The more than four hundred TV shows include Saturday night live will and grace in the office and the pricing is tiered. Starting with a free ad supported option option or for ten dollars a month. There will be no add.

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