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To cost accounting conversations i'm daniel cardiff i'm phillip austin bay and and this is a show about counting down the best and worst that media has to offer when we we feel like it too bad taste so oh today's episode is about regular show the the best day in cartoon for adults and children that there is no that's not true it is a good one for adults and children no i mean i'd definitely say like our charge there bender on comedy i guess that's a little bit of a common adventure times better than the show is adventure to entertainment for not right that one i i'll take that one but it's it's in there somewhere it's a good shop ten best like it's good for preteens especially the first just like season or twos really good for like teenagers yeah now younger on the younger side teenage and then it kind of gets more a little bit more kitty as it goes along mhm which is why i don't like the later seasons as much as a little law edgier towards the beginning they said things like screw and what what the h yeah they like say the the first letter of curse words they say what the age and things along those lines so that's why i like regular shows because it was a a little bit more risque and they drink coal and it makes them drunk they yeah and then the hawks are always said it for twenty and there's a lot of like inside ride jobs for adults to enjoy but did you ever watch regular show before you came around us know existed so tell tell me about like your introduction to it then oh so we'll hold on chewy explain white regular say that's probably for first order of things ingrid you like to tell our audience sure so regular shows a cartoon on cartoon network was it ended yet it's done now it's now on who i think it lasted like nine seasons yeah good for that show it's a basically the premise is a couple of friends uh-huh one is a bird one was the raccoon that are what do you call that in a more fiqh what is it when you're yeah they have like they have like human human characteristics yeah and there are also humans yet i've the creator j g intel has said the the main characters are people but they are just drawn as animals interesting so okay just to give the show more visual variety yeah but yeah so they are supposed to be people yeah but they're not they're not so anyway they work at a park uh-huh in a house the their they don't work in the house they stay in the house it's the best job ever yeah they always act like it's a crappy ah sweet living and basically they get into hijinks seems pretty regular yeah but but then as time goes on or the show is about to end things go nutso yeah it's really wacky usually 'cause they're slackers the two main characters are so usually it's like they try to find a way to not do their work and then backfires them but then it becomes very over the top and fantastical towards the the end yes that's that's not all the i mean a lot of episodes are like that other episodes or like like one they're trying to return a board game and stuff like that obey always starts out very normal very regular yeah and then turns into a crazy crazy like universe stopping in the end of the episode so there's normally some sort of world ending yes or and people just straight up dying the show yeah they do just like like ooh no no hesitation i think it's like the second episode it's it's the one where they have to set up the chairs you're and in.

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