Insurify raises $23M Series A to add new coverage varietals, boost its marketing efforts



Quickly talk about some short stuff. I WanNa riff on insurer. Fai which raised a little. It raised a little bit urine. Talk About Product Board so all the boards But starting up with ensure five which is online marketplace that helps people find Better depressing Sheri- products and the reason why is because rays at twenty three million dollars series. A and here's the thing. It only raised six point six million up to this point. It raised a large multiple of the capital. That had before and Jenny when a company raises that much more than its preceding total capital rates. What does that tell you about the company? Hopefully the other numbers are their rights to either. I it's a couple of revenue goals or internal milestone. Sometimes it just got really exciting. Market is really heated up because of an exit or frankly the powdered infantries. Well the first time around and they're getting a lot better at that skill set on the way. I don't think the last is things that case I think instead are pretty interesting. Run ensure if I raise a twenty three million dollars series a led by immtech capital in veal fintech. I'm not Voila. There's no accent so these. The Ola mass mutual adventures was in this nationwide took part in Hurst ventures also was in the round scooting onto around this pretty interesting work board a company that I've covered before and this week. They announced they raise a thirty million dollars series. See and I don't cover a lot the series at thirty million series but this company Danny. I grabbed because they've tripled in size again in twenty nineteen after three and a half exiting era in two thousand eighteen gene. And if you don't know why that matters the short justice that everyone wants to grow as fast as possible and more than tripling air for multiple years in a row shows that you're really hitting scale hill and also injuries and popped into the round and they raised nine months after their series beat so a lot of momentum there. It's cool company. The really smart and I couldn't help myself also ahead touch on

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