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Hey everybody welcome back to the Miraculous Mama podcast. I'm your host Elizabeth Joy and we are a podcast that believes leaves in empowering women through storytelling in education. And guess what this is the one hundred episode and we are just getting started. I I am so excited to be in the triple digits guys. We're in the hundreds now and it's just going to keep getting better and better with more information as as we continue to grow as a community and I am so truly thankful for you guys. You are amazing and Mehan last week's episode. I feel like I learned so much about how being mindful starts with you so even when the environment around you is chaotic. Like there's so much that is in our control and that we can take ownership and responsibility of and I need to start doing dot work now. I need to start being mindful now if if I want to be a mindful mom one day and carry it into other areas of my life so it's been really cool to talk to these people who are passionate about what they are doing in wanting to spread that information to us so today. We're having on a mindfulness expert in it is Andrea Marcellus and she is awesome. She is going to help us find a sustainable wellness routine instead of fad diets and short lasting trends. She's in the health and wellness world. She shares her story about how she came to figure out. I feel like what our motto has been lately on here. And it's that there's no one size fits all so if you're doing something and somebody's like Oh you have to do it this way. There's no one size fits all when it comes to parenting when it comes to wellness when it comes to birth like anything thing we're individuals and we deserve to be treated as individuals in have options that are catered to to us and where we're at in our life. So so that's what I'm loving about the guests that are coming on I love the entry doesn't say that you have to cut out carbs or wine so I am on board with her program. She is just just awesome and she is super passionate. She's so much fun and you can hear her passion when when she talks about helping clients become better versions themselves in reaching their real goals and again you know. It's not just one thing. We we tend to be like. Okay okay. I want to get in better shape but all of these things are whole body things. It's not just okay. I'm going to workout workout eat differently. There's a mental space to that in a spiritual space and so many other things go into it and our bodies really are a whole when we need to treat them as a whole when it comes to to so many different things being mindful and you know having wellness and whatever whatever may be we are whole beings so I just I love her approach and I cannot wait to get on to talk to you. Ra everybody I have Andrea Andrea Marcellus. Here and she is going to help us in this New Year and getting. I don't know how to describe it healthy and on she just believes in finding sustainable wellness routine instead of going on all these fad diets trends that happen. I mean I remember from a a young age there was the slim fast diet right and Atkins and all these different crazy things and it just keeps going on and on and on but she's all about sustainable wellness so I'm so glad that she is here to help us kick off this New Year so thanks for coming on. I am so glad to be here on myself. So the struggle is real and get got it for sure. I'm tell us I guess in your own words a little bit about what you doing what you're passionate about. Well you know. My story story is very similar. I think to most of the people I'm talking to. And that's what makes it so relatable on I've been a trainer for twenty six years so that's the departure archer. This is my profession. And it's my passion and I've spent a lot of time researching it but just like everybody else you know I have done all all the things well for the first sixteen years career. I did all the things you thank. You need to do to be super fit and the truth was I. I could never get myself there. Let alone like I could never get my clients. They are in a sustainable way and never get myself there. This with the calories in calories. He's out equations. This is with the watching your calories on the piece of equipment and trying to figure out this and trying to figure out that and then we're doing this diet were cutting out carbs herbs and we're doing that and there was a little you know it's it's I so viscerally get it and about hen years ago go so I'm forty seven so I was about thirty six at the time I I was literally putting together a calories in calories out equation a new thing for new the client and I just looked at the wall I remember staring spot on the wall going. This does not work is does it work and I thought okay okay and for myself what I decided is I was going to do the opposite of everything I had been doing so instead of working out for an hour at a time. I'm like Cardio every day plus weight training plus Pilates Yoga. And then you know like when everybody came over on Sunday nights for hoste Pasta and gravy my husband's from Philly and they call it gravy. It's really made a sauce but they can't say I've never heard of Guy Volos steamed cauliflower. You know while everybody else is eating pasta like I mean I just like oh my gosh. I'm not doing this anymore more. I'm GONNA eat all the food real food. I'm just going to change how I approach food and I'm GonNa stop working out so much and I'm going to activate my life in other ways I mean I'm a writer as well so I sit a lot just like everybody with the job you know like an I had the beginning of my career when I only trade part time in office part time I worked in corporate corporate so I get it what it is I get a lifestyle. Everybody's living in your in your car and you go here and you sit there and you sit and you know so. I decided to take inactive approach to life to start eating all the food and to stop working out so much and guess what I shrunk and you know so and and I always had this theory with my clients I call the vacation theory and especially the people that worked out a lot and when they would go away for a trip I would say look a wide need absolutely. Everything just stopped the minute you're satisfied don't ever be full and walk as much as you can and don't work out in. Every one one of them would come back lighter and smaller feeling awesome and I started to think about. Why is that? And there's a that's really what my book is about. And and Matthew I created in my book in my APP which I- i- codified over eight years and have been working with for ten so so it's it's been a really interesting process to basically uh through everything everybody else is going through and come up with a completely different way that has made life so much more enjoyable and I look ridiculous. And forty-seven after two kids like I want this one. Yeah well and I think that. That's that's where it's so so hard because you here. I guess all the trends that are going on right and anytime you make a lifestyle change. You'RE GONNA see results right away but the problem they don't stick right so you do this one diet. You'RE GONNA see a change because most diets. Have you cut out refined foods and sugars and alcohol and those things like that which affect affect your health. But you're going to see change but none of them are really lifestyles. It's all temporary. They all come back. And when you're just frustrated one hundred percent and that's why my plan takes into account and fully embraces with the biggest giant tug possible. Support your social life if you lose weight in a way. That doesn't match how you actually planned to

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