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The state reds will be on display. Here at the big tomorrow Broadway. It's a hundred thousand six furlongs four. The state bred fillies a field of six. The exact from the lava. Dodd back in here. That was going seven eighths. This one's going six cash offer collared and ran down kept true that day. That was going seven. This one's going six. She lives at one of the favorites. Big rebound here. We go somewhere else. I ended up going with one of the choices but I thought it was a really competitive field for for just a six pack. I thought they got some some good players in here. Cash offer The morning line favorite has really. Reinvented herself the last couple of starches. Become able to sit and make a run even though you know. She's still one of the quickest breakers out there The cutback to six furlongs concerns me. A little bit With her I know she likes the trip. It concerns me from the inside draw Horse I was interested in was the one out of orbit as well if the race was a little bit longer than six. I might have taken a shot with With her as a price she's turning back from the mile and they've bay ridge where she found herself on the lead for very tepid fractions tired late. I think she's going to be strong. My concern is her breaking from the fence and the short trip all the way turning all the way back to six furlong so I'm going to try and get her in the money a little bit. I'm still a fan of the number. Five kept true with the speed to her outside. I think she just going to let the speed six stones in the road go the cutback to three quarters. Promise of a fast track this time. I think that can help. Make the difference. I'm going to go with G. Ahmadi and kept trip. Yeah so AM I. I like the fact you know. Both of these phillies are accomplished at six cash. Offer End Cap Jones. To be honest. I don't think anybody else win. This race My late pick five. Pick four it'll be those two and that'll be the end of it I'll say this I think and I know cash offer three for five with two seconds at six furlongs I think the cutback benefits kept true. More I did. She has a little struggle right even the six and a half furlong way. She won At Belmont Park. She was fresh that day. That's when she's GonNa WanNa do that. I just going six furlongs. It's a little bit more of an edge to kept true. She gets back on track as well. I'll take kept true over cash offer. They're the only fuel phillies. I'm using in the hundred thousand dollar Broadway. It goes race eight on the nine Ray. Saturday called here at the big a post time all week. presidents. We've we have racing on Monday here. Keep that in mind will run the Holly Hughes State Bridge All weekend long the Gander Tomorrow Roadway Tomorrow Gander on Sunday on Monday postponed all weekend long one o'clock and then starting next Thursday one twenty regardless of the number of races. We got enough sunlight. He now that powers-that-be feeling no one twenty one twenty. The Broadway is tomorrow

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