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Paid maternity or paternity

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Longer than the coronavirus today right now is auto service centers

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Trains heading north of Seattle

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Or paternity leave the society of professional engineering employees represents about eighteen thousand Boeing workers your chi were forecast heavy rain and heavy mountain snow overnight into a good part of Saturday breezy as well some wind gusts over thirty miles an hour around the sound temperatures will be in the forties tomorrow I'm Cairo seven chief meteorologist Morgan Paul it's forty seven degrees in downtown Seattle I'm the Bosch listen on your smart speakers Amazon Google home and apple home I will radio ninety seven three FM news and talk powered by the Pacific Northwest yeah and your rain tomorrow does he go to the game tomorrow my son no I don't I don't really know where to Sir Nick Allard said shower showers dragons aren't afraid to shower I tell you this time I died in the M. night airing me a lot you can't can opener yeah that was there Sean glitch in matter was a I got my flight over all right here we go by the way you can write to us is that what the hell