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Former New York mayor Mike

Pacifica Evening News
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The board also calling for an adequate number of poll workers for early voting and election day sites

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Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg has focused on super Tuesday since he entered the race he's not even on the ballot in Nevada or South Carolina he held a rally in Nashville Tennessee this week running a national campaign because that's what it's going to take to win this election Bloomberg spent millions of his own money and bought more advertisements than all the other democratic candidates combined according to the center for responsive politics I got into this race eleven weeks ago because I was deeply concerned that Donald Trump was on track to win the election for pacifica network in public you service I'm really bulky representative Stephen Horsford the only black member of Nevada's congressional delegation is endorsing Joe Biden on the eve of early voting in the state's caucuses the Democrat said in a statement shared today with the Associated Press that the former vice president is ready to do the job of president and said Joe knows Nevada Horsford says Biden is work side by side with the labor force for joins one other member of Nevada's democratic congressional delegation and making an endorsement most of Nevada's high profile politicians have refrained from making an endorsement in the crowded democratic presidential fields the North Dakota secretary of state is settling a federal voting rights lawsuit over the state's