Are 'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley and Husband PK Headed for Divorce?


You told me you have some major housewives gossip. I have major housewives. Gaza go has not been reported anywhere yet. It's it's sort of writing news breaking news but I will say it's kind of secondhand so it's sort of like a second hand on the grounds like hey less you don't care if it's sixteen pounds over here and we don't care if it's true and so I have become friendly with a woman who lives in London. Whose House is sand. There aren't many of them. Okay so right and and cool people because is it hard to get Bravo over there. Yeah they don't have Bravo. They air the shows on reality channel. And but it's two seasons old white and it's on during the middle of the afternoon but then there's a streaming service that you can get for like four pounds a month and it has all of the housewives all the Kardashians botched all the true crime. And I love it. They combine all the channels. Because they're like this is what you want. Yeah it's just like here's all the trash except fiance. What about love after lockup unclear? I'm not the only person that what about below deck below deck is on there which I will just take this moment to announce l. even saying this but we are going to start covering below deck properly properly. Just got an soon. We're catching up. We're doing what we do with Vanderbilt. Many years ago we the people have spoken summer house. I cannot do that love summer. Okay speak to it. It's my favourite current Bravo. Show really. Yeah and I think it's like the people you like all the people even though they behave badly They're attractive and like they have been together for a while so there's some like good complicated dynamics so they know each other. 'cause I love those shows where it's like we're throwing people in here that have no history? Yeah it started as that but as it's gone on. They've had some really good addition. I guess I'm saying that but I've never I right but like like you get a who knew them or you know so so. I made friends with this woman. Who's the house is fan? And she told me that she has a friend with a big house in Saint John's Wood in London which is like the Bel Air Upper West Side of London and he has a very large house with a guest house. And there's someone. Who's staying in the guesthouse currently Colorado? Because he's getting a divorce is carol. No He's getting divorced meaning. They're now with him meaning. They are now with him but they have separated having announced to the press yet but are supposedly getting this man famous. This man is a house husband. Okay okay okay. So big couples getting divorced. Yes meaning leaks no God okay. Okay what can I get a city richards well? The person is in London. Dorando mentally now. She wasn't even married. I just I'm thinking her connection but it is a Beverly Hills House. Outspent weight is okay. Are you trying to tell me that? I'm trying to pieces together. That househusband is now going to date a housewife. No a house husband who we think is currently with the housewife has moved to London. Okay Okay Kelsey grammer. No David Foster. No the fucked up surgeon Paul. No God I'm you don't say Mr Girardi know who? Pk What yes. No yes. I can't believe I didn't guess him. I was a big enough head. You're right you're just fucked back since I can't keep track of where they're from. It's true that's on me for not guessing. I'm Uncle Medication. And that's on me. I know everyone was screaming at their radio kidding. So supposed to me everything. She told me she didn't have a lot of details. But that debris called it off and that. Pk has gone is living in a in this house in London by himself. Because they're about to get divorced. Oh my God and that's kind of all I currently that's enough. That's enough whether it's true or not. It's enough just to just to entertain the idea so have they sold their Beverly Hills House. I thought they were so in love. I am surprised too because I thought that I mean if she stuck with him this far why would she leave now and I feel like she did a very good job selling their love. Yes in the face of like emily and change. He's doing a terrible. She's just clear she hates him. It's like a Dorito. Joe Isla God. I was like okay as much as I do. Not Care for PK. I was like pay. They seem to have something against all odds. Yes you know. He's in the showroom. China help her. Thong bathing suit. Business like he's he's involved now as boy George living in house. That is all that I know. Wow you heard it here first. We've never had breaking news. We've had like v Hann News. I mean this might be like national enquirer breaking news where it just ends up being like. I gossip our listeners. Don't Care No. We never checked to source. We don't need to and we won't. Yeah but I asked this woman I was like I'm going to the next we can. I like say this on the air and she was like. Oh yeah I asked my friend. He's totally fine with that. I WANNA say to your friend your hero and thank you for your sincerely. Thank you for your service. Wow yes and then a hero. Come out thank you. Brian wouldn't injure what a way to start. What a Zing I know Torri NBK and where are the kids unclear? They're here bat. Houses that monstrosity. How lost money on it. Maybe but I might biking financial stuff. Push them over the edge well and I also think that as you saw with him dealing with the business he changed the name without telling her he was really taking over and I think she's probably making most of the money now and was like. Hey Why am I sitting? Control the jerk. I don't think she's making Armez plate money anymore. She is not no but okay. I don't think he's ever had are not going to be no she never did. I mean it's a house of cards literally. Do we think this is gonNA play out on the season? I don't think so. I think that's why we're sitting on it or sending me

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