The Art and Being Mike Nichols - burst 2

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One hundred fifty people who worked with new Mike Nichols best recall the intensely human connections. They had with the director in a new book by Ash. Carter and Sam cash ner titled Life is in Everything Mike Nichols as remembered by one hundred fifty of his closest friends and today salmon asked join me on the podcast to share. What they learned about? Mike Nichols youth as a German airman Jewish emigrant growing up in New York the crippling illness that left him completely bald from boyhood on and how it gave him a unique perspective on humanity. Eh that shined through in all of his films and plays. We discuss his early years as one of the founders of the Improv group that would become second city the story of how. Oh he teamed up with Elaine May to form the comedy team of Nichols and May and how they're deeply personal and at times subversive act broke new ground in comedy. Them and ash also get into the creative differences that broke up

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