Why has Pakistan sentenced a former president to death?


Pakistan was founded in nineteen forty seven. It has not proved an easy country to lead indeed indeed. It's something of a Wanda anyone tries. In those seven. Short decades of its existence Pakistan has seen two presidents or the equivalent overthrown in coups. WHO's to forced into resignation to quitting to avoid impeachment one hanged one killed in an arguably suspicious plane crash one chased into exile one one dying from illness in office of Pakistan's prime ministers four have being sacked three unloaded by their own parties. One chased into exile one on assassinated one chased into exile and then assassinated upon their return and these are an incomplete assessment of the hazards attendant upon high office in Pakistan. We've only got about five minutes and at any rate to say. Nothing of uncountable. Attempted assassinations failed. Coups d'etat and sundry abortive altuve plots any occupant of Pakistan's presidential palace or prime ministerial residence nose to sleep with one eye open and a pistol beneath a pillow pillow so it is possible that Pervez Musharraf who was president of Pakistan between two thousand and one and two thousand eight has responded philosophically to the death sentence passed upon him this week by a court in Islamabad which convicted him of high treason. Musharraf cannot claim that he didn't know what he was getting himself into to inaction at. This moment is suicide for Pakistan and I cannot allow this country to commit suicide. I had to take this action in order to preserve the democratic transition then rick I initiated Massara also enjoys the constellation that the sentence is unlikely ever to be enacted he received news of the verdict in Dubai. Are you where he has lived since two thousand sixteen having prudently contracted around then a mysterious ailment. That could not possibly have been treated. In any of Pakistan's many perfectly serviceable hospitals certain reprehensible cynics have further suggested that the United Arab Emirates lack of an extradition treaty with Pakistan may have been as much a factor in sheriff's choice of destination as the healthcare in assessing the reasons for what has befallen Musharraf. It is worth recapping how he gained power in Pakistan and how he lost it. Musharraf was a career army officer and by one thousand nine hundred nine join held the rank of general and the title of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Pakistan's senior most military role that year tensions between Musharaff Graf and then Prime Minister Sharif climaxed in a coup d'etat in which Musharaff seized power. I would like to please do not expect your level of democracy which you learned over a number of centuries all trying to learn and we are doing well the last time Musharraf held office surviving at least a two assassination attempts until two thousand eight when he resigned amid chaos and turbulence encroaching from a number of fronts. He left for London and returned to Pakistan in two thousand thirteen hoping to campaign for office again but found himself under house arrest. Prominent among a lengthy list of accusations against him was involvement in the assassination of former prime minister and former Philo exile Benazir Bhutto. who was murdered shortly after her return to Pakistan in two thousand and seven tourist allies and we are prepared to risk the liberty but we are not prepared to surrender our great nation the militants? This is not what Musharraf has been convicted of however however the high treason charge relates to his unsuccessful last-ditch attempt to prolong his presidency in two thousand and seven. He declared a state of emergency see and suspended. The constitution pulled the plugs on TV. Channels sacked the chief justice of the Supreme Court and had several opposition figures placed under house. Arrest I including current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Musharraf may be reflecting that some of his former foes have long memories but so Doodoo who do some of his former comrades Pakistan's military has always taken a flexible view of the convention of submission to Civilian Command and one of the more more brow arching responses to the death sentence against Musharraf has come from the Pakistani military's media department which said that the sentence had been received and with a lot of pain and anguish by the rank and file of Pakistan's armed forces. It also suggested in an unmistakable tone of airy menace that June legal. Google process seems to have been ignored and that an officer of Musharraf's statue could surely never be a traitor. Nice little independent judiciary dish area. You have here wouldn't want anything to happen to. If one sets aside any squeamishness about capital punishment with the conviction of Michelle off is arguably a step forward for Pakistan's always fraught and fragile constitutional democracy a robust assertion of the rule of law against a rogue officer who took power by force and tried to keep it by the same means however nobody in Pakistan needs reminding of the tendency of Pakistan's military to assert itself right back Woah never done in China because children deal outside Pete as we go to Air Musharaff's legal team claimed their client intends to challenge the guilty verdict and the death sentence in Pakistan's Supreme Court. It would be better for his country and himself if he did so from a distance

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