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Bischoff attempts to revive the Monday Night Wars


Where we're living out around quite a bit here but eventually it's an ask. The BISCHOFF IS GONNA make a bold move and he's GonNa put. WCW programming head to head on Monday night of against Monday night raw with Nitro when you first hear the news that hey we've got real competition and WCW on Monday night and they're going to be live every week whereas we're taping shows in advance at this point what's your what's your take on that. Do you think this is real competition or is wwe still perpetually going to be a little big brother other of of the WWF. I thought the WF headed a massive head. Start as they do right now. No company is going to threaten. WBZ market share anytime. Anytime soon. Luckily mine or your lifetime. Conrad quite frankly. But that's not a sad sad tale to tell because there's plenty of money out there revenues to to earn in the entertainment world that cutting a W for example can can enjoy enjoy and make significant profits over time. So I I just I think that On what we're talking about Tran thought this left I was thinking about something else is nitro. Oh Yeah Yeah my issue is this. I I questioned where they have the in-house personnel to pull it off in a big way and of course a lot of that stuff was You Know David Crockett part of getting a credit for some of the. Because he was one of the you know one of the producers there an onsite people but giving the staff have to gather to do the the you know to to the rigging the lighting everything I didn't know they were. They were ready to do that because everything had always been such a smaller scale Ale and then to be able to do it live every Monday. A major us a whole different world so I didn't know that that was going to be as successful as it was and it was a pleasant surprise actually because it made the business look better overall because they hate they had great production values in the show's look clean slick. You might not agree with creative. Hell that's normal. You can say that any heir any show with the the the show look good and I thought that was a step in the right direction for them. So so you could. You can tolerate a good-looking show. That might not be the greatest creative for a little longer now forever a little longer than he can. The other way around.

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