New York City restaurants give outdoor dining a go


Similar Similar nice nice weather weather lots about their living. Eating outside is kind of a way of life in restaurants pretty much have it down in New York. Different thing serving outside can be a big and expensive pivot, especially in places where outdoor space is limited. Sidewalks and parking lanes have their limits, You know, and also nobody wants a side of truck exhaust with their meal. All right now outdoor dining and take out are the on ly options, so thousands of New York restaurants are giving it a go. Marketplaces Kristen Schwab checked in with two of them to see how it's going. Walk down Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn at night, and in some ways, the new normal doesn't look quite so bad. Franklin is like one big, socially distanced outdoor dining party with table spilling onto the sidewalk and into the street. Sounds and smells of different restaurants bleed together. There's Mexican, Caribbean, Ethiopian, Chris Chris Calamity Calamity and and Lincoln Lincoln Wheeler Wheeler are are at at a a table table outside outside Roz Roz Plant Plant based based Ethiopia. Ethiopia. Yes, Yes, we we just just ordered ordered and and We We got got a a tip tip with with injera. injera. And And then then we we ordered ordered was was the the other other one one so so food food dish dish within within Jared Jared on on a a kind kind of of salad salad and and some some some. some. They're They're celebrating their friend who didn't want to talk. Just got a pandemic puppy. And after four months of not being able to eat out, calamity, says ST Dining feels good, But it uh it actually felt a little bizarre the first time Right now. It's sort of just feels normal, like walking around seeing everyone outside eating. Very like very European vibe that I think it's pretty refreshing for New York. A lot of time and money went into creating that vied Romeo Rigali owns a restaurant with his wife, Milica. Ultimately, they sank $5000 into that outdoor space, and it's tiny, just six tables in a parallel parking spot on the street with a few more on the sidewalk. The day they announced that outdoor dining was allowed. I went online and I applied. You gotta prove right away. And then I just ran to Home Depot for Rigali. It would be the first of many trips that one was for plans started. You want 30 for? I believe I counted right. We wanted to make love Tropical tropical tto help diners forget they're eating just inches away from honking cars and idle ing delivery trucks. Then there was the trip for cinderblocks to keep those cars and trucks where they belong. Then another trip for wood fencing city inspected, recalled his parking spot patio three times. And each time he had to shut it down and make adjustments feels like the rules are always changing. Just every day. There's something new was tired of Home Depot. Just a lot. With takeout as the only other option every square foot counts and for many restaurant owners that comes down to luck. Narrow storefront, narrow patio, fire hydrants, bus stops and subway grates. Forget about it. Corner location. Nice. A few blocks away from Rigali is restaurant, Izaak Solace, a French American restaurant with a Michelin star. Solace is known for its $70.6 course meal or it wass. Steve Wang is the director of operations. Six courses, servers at the table, talking with the gas clearing the plates that had been eaten on six times a guest seemed like a lot of contacts. Also, Boxall is his patio is pretty far from the kitchen with steps and uneven pavement along the way, and during that long walk food gets cold or doesn't stay cold. So now the raw yellow fin tuna comes with the tomato dashi water on the side in a bottle on ice. Don't know what tomato Darcy Water is No worries. I had to ask to assault tomatoes down. Let the water drain out. And then you infuse it with kombu and Benito. So guess, pour the tomato water onto the fish. And it kind of keeps the dish cool while they eat it properly Chilled tomato water isn't Wangs on Ly challenged. The dining area is in what was a vacant lot behind the restaurant. Long's team cleared out the trash and added twinkly lights and white fencing to glam up the space. Beyond that, it's not very easy to control the elements. You know everything from the heat. Teo pests, mosquitoes around I'll explain. Finally do not go together. Maybe not. But customers don't seem to mind. And for now, outdoor dining is helping the business break even It is on a good day. Axel's had to close early that evening. A peak night Friday at a peak hour, eight PM Because even after you control the food and the space and the bugs, one thing you can't control is rain. I'm Christian Schwab for marketing.

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