Yannis is the boss. What does he say?


A new players would rather play with right now. LeBron or Johannes. These young guys are trying to play with LeBron James at the end of his career. They want to play with the honest Yannis is the boss. What does he say? We're going to follow that dude, because he's going to be the face of this league here for the next decade, ESPN Byron Metcalf today on ESPN Radio, ESPN is Adam Schefter. The first report earlier today trade Since past Russia. Yeah. Yanni and got away from the Jaguars to the Vikings and got away still has to sign his franchise tender, But the trade is now in place, and he is expected to join. The Minnesota Vikings source confirming that ESPN Alex Scarborough that LSD wide receiver Jamaar Chase plans top down to the college football season and enter the NFL draft Major League Soccer announcing today,

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