World where up is down and wrong is right. Watching the convention. James Fallows of the Atlantic felt


Saying We welcome black people. We welcome immigrants. We welcome women. We are inclusive. Donald Trump is nice, and that was at odds with the gun toting couple from ST Louis, saying they're coming to get you and the speakers saying that Donald Trump was the bastion of Western civilisation, which was under siege on all fronts. So that was the conflict of Republicans had of What they were saying to the base and how they hope to invite people in. It struck me that it was to reassure white people that they wouldn't be racist if they voted for him. Reassure women also that they wouldn't be anti feminist or anti woman if they decided to go with Trump. What they showed and did was more powerful than what they said. Do you think that the convention's new virtual format actually encouraged the president to violate the hatch Act? I'm too blatantly break the law. You're not supposed to use your office directly for politics. Every night. Things that had not been done before were done, including a secretary of state weighing in from Jerusalem. The Hatch Act applies to everybody else in the government, but not to the president. Everything a president does is implicitly political. Previous presidents have tried to stay on one side of the line. They haven't done actual Explicitly political events from on the White House property, and so don't Trump has that's one of many norms that he has not observed. And maybe if he had to go to Laura Trump site a fake Abraham Lincoln quote tonight We're seeing a distillation of the challenge our comrades have had for the last three plus years, which is If you judge things by normal standards, you will sound one sided. If you say they're lying 100

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