Sutra Statements For The Seventh Principle


Hello my friends I'm the bookshop. This is daily breath. We are continuing our discussion on the seven principal of Singapore destiny. Today I'd like to offer you Sutra statements that apply to the seventh principle. Accessing the conspiracy of improbabilities? Remember always we. Do a little meditation, FOLLOW THE BREAD DO A. Mantra and then. The following techniques. One imagine that you move in rhythm with the impulses of a conscious universe mentally recite rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm also the Sanskrit word for rhythm harmony. Okay. To imagine that you dance to the rhythm of the US. Mentally. Recite. Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm. Imagined that your body's rhythms are in perfect order mentally recite rhythm rhythm rhythm for imagine that your body is a symphony of the total universe. Mentally Recite Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm five imagine that you're the harmony of the universe. Mentally Recite Rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm. Six imagine that every time you seek something, the universe is providing clues in the form of coincidences. And Mentally Recite Rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm. Seven imagine there's is a connection between what happens in your dreams and what happens in your waking sit. Mentally, recite rhythm rhythm, rhythm. Eight imagine that you're transforming an evolving into a higher beam. Whatever image come? See Your my mentally recite rhythm rhythm rhythm. Nine imagine there's meaning and purpose to everything that happens and everything you do. Mentally Recite Rhythm Rhythm, rhythm. Ten imagine that you have a contribution to make to the world mentally and recite mentally. Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm. Eleven imagine that life is full of coincidences and mentally. Recite. Rhythm. Rhythm Rhythm. Twelve imagine that you notice what others may not notice. You notice what others may not notice. You see things they don't see and mentally recite rhythm rhythm rhythm. Thirty imagine that you see the hidden meaning behind all events and mentally recite. Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm. Fourteen imagine that life is full of peak experiences and mentally. Recite. Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm. Fifteen imagine that you have unique talents that you used to serve and help others mentally recite. Rhythm Rhythm. Rhythm. Sixteen. Imagine that all of your relationships are nurturing and playful mentally recite rhythm rhythm rhythm? Seventeen imagine that you delight in play and Huma and mentally. Recite. Rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm.

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