Trump Denies Calling Fallen Soldiers ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’


Trump is strongly denying reporting in the Atlantic that said the president allegedly made disparaging comments against fallen soldiers, especially since I think that anybody help military ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers is with us, Karen This is an unusually vehement denial fromthe White House, isn't it? Yes, it is. And I was there last night at joint base. Andrews when the president came back in Pennsylvania at that rally there, and he came off the plane and literally like marched over to us. It was dark. There is a loud noise from the plane ended on the president spoke for about seven minutes to take any questions. He just ranted about this piece in the Atlantic. He was fired up, and he emphatically denied these explosive allegations that he made disparaging remarks. Stop falling soldier. He said he'd be willing to swear on anything that never said about our fallen heroes, he said. There's nobody that respects the more. The White House was very quick last night after the peace broke to say this was not true, several officials who were on the trip with the president Clued in the former press secretary Sarah Sanders saying she was there that did not happen. But, you know, I think now there could be some pressure for whoever the source is. Work. Go public. You know, I think the White House is a valid point that this is this is going to only be anonymous sources saying this they feel this smear campaign against the president. For those who haven't heard Karen. What are the allegations specifically? Yeah. The allegations that piece in the Atlantic say that the president called Americans who died during war, losers and suckers that he stepped away from doing a visit to a cemetery for U. S soldiers in France because he didn't think it was important to go there. There are four people in the article that say they have firsthand knowledge of this, but they're not me. I should also note. We have not confirmed the details from the Atlantic and there was a piece I believe in The Washington post later. Or the that said that they had confirmed some of these things. There's also a lot about in the Manning case about the president speaking ill of John McCain before in public that isn't necessarily something new. But president last night, will even denying that he'd ever called John McCain, a loser he had publicly on DH talks about all he did. Became funeral, even though they disagreed and did not get along. At

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