Washington DC Police release body camera footage from fatal shooting


Mayor Muriel Bowser has released the body camera footage of 18 year old Deane case shooting death by DC police officer Alexander Alvarez in southeast yesterday afternoon. The killing has prompted protests throughout the city. Ah, warning Now. The story contains audio from that shooting. Yesterday, D. C. Police chief Peter Newsom says officers recognized 18 year old Dion K on a live stream of men holding guns, which is why he says they responded to Orange Street Southeast. I know that he's a valid A gang member from the area, and I know that he's had multiple touches with the criminal justice system, and I and I will say this. This is a tragedy in the body camera video released by the mayor's office, Newsom says the officer begins to chase someone else. Then turns around to CK holding a gun that K then through from where he was shot. Lucien says there's more evidence to collect this a potential for privately owned video in the area. We don't have any forensic information at this point. The attorney general's office for DC will review the shooting independently, and all officers involved are on administrative leave.

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