Why US Open Day 4 Felt Like A Grand Slam

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Primarily, stay for an predictions are all over the place on earth has happened today I mean. I woke up this morning and his feeling pretty good about my life. In prediction therms. Was Thinking about. Yulia potency of somehow in the quarterfinals, she's still going Alexandra Sandwich one the daily thing for me today, and you know, and then Miller round which has gotten lost and he was in the semi finals. And who else lost today you Hannah concert I mean. What are these people doing? Don't understand? Well did you have been you McGrath Renewal Final David? No that didn't some people some foolish people someone days, I couldn't possibly name. It makes you feel any but I haven't. I haven't looked through everybody's submitted predictions but I rather suspect that at the very least meals roundish today his stunk up a lot of people's prediction dreams. Honestly why does everybody? What are we? What are we all fall for this week before the tournament results think. It's just irritating. It was all we had to go on day. There's been knows tennis six. Full. Well. We should know better. Is All I'm saying, well, it was summed up beautifully by A. tweet that. Hanging was it one of our tweets today? It was really good saying that thinking Oh Gobi Migori the maybe it's no surprise that she lost because she hasn't played any tennis of any kind in six months and then going Opitz photonic Barranca that beater hasn't played any kind of Tennis v three years. During the time she was birthing and raising a child. I did a double take when I saw her name in the draw. Because I'd completely forgotten that she announced that she was coming back to tennis because she did it on the day that tennis was shutdown back in. Time and was abysmal the actual day I. Think it was the day Miami got caught off that she announced she was coming back. I presume she she's not. A big believer in sort of divine signaling. Because if she were, he would probably take indication that you shouldn't bother. Yeah. Thank naming slightly bad that I didn't actually know that she'd been away. That seems to have passed me by somehow. I just like to say congratulations to Fontana Bronco who have always enjoyed watching play tennis I just thought she retired. Gaping hole you felt for the last three is quite a finger on what it was. Yeah I, mean I've put her in in the past I've put her in various quarterfinals that have just not come to fruition. So I've got a bit of a beam abundance about that. If anybody's wondering what all this predictions is about basically when we crowd fund our podcast, every December we have a predictions competition that our highest level backers can enter and lots of them did and we've had a wonderful competition and I was going to win it like I did last year. And then I'm not winning it because things are not going heads. So Yeah I don't know what to say. Really let's start with Peron cover over Maruta parameter loves fast tennis matches doesn't she and? Parole Garbin immigrants who I think she started the match quite well. Tiled away dramatically yes. She was up break Mugabe, Reuther, but this is what? Does. This is totally in keeping with what she's been doing throughout her whole career, which is occasionally just having having a run out of nowhere where she takes out some seeds she's beaten should beat Venus Williams impact tobacco Wimbledon's, and she's also beaten Venus Williams another slam. She's a bit of a seed killer She's got an incredibly flat backhand and forehand, which she will occasionally slice and ruth did. Did Not. Particularly like that I actually thought the competed pretty well I thought she. She paid okay. She wasn't awful an but. Really. Had A had a way to mess her up and. This was this was the kind of match that she came back for I. Think she said she was looking for these feelings again on a court. So it was it was nice from that perspective. McGrath came up with a great word in her press conference she said. She said, he needed to see where she was tennis typically. Which I wish I thought was brilliant and that's because she didn't play any warmup event to the US Open because of her the line call injury kept out of Lexington and also the western and southern open so As. Much as Catherine back to to get to the final I think I had earned my quarters or semis. It's perhaps awesome. Not that surprising that that she's gone out early especially when you consider she was up against. An opponent who can do this kind of thing

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