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Are resorting to their old tricks and blaming Trump for everything Turns out Trump's Caused the Earth to be flat as well. Tom, you mentioned you mentioned a while back about the poll that you could actually count on because when you hear a poll on Fox. It's obviously is going to skew Donald Trump. You hear a poll on CNN is going to ask you, Joe Biden, one of the poles that you look folders not skew Donald Trump. It doesn't No. Count it under counts The on ly the pole that people should be watching for the polls say things gonna win. And that's about 55% of the respondents say Trump that under cat that counts the under count in the other polls, then you look at Rasmussen's approval rating trumpet Obama been tied for two months now, essentially at this period in Obama's within a point or two or three of each other. Constantly. You look at self identification and gallop. John Zombies used to self identification. All those polls show a divided electorate at this moment, and then, of course, going forward Joe Biden had a very bad day yesterday couldn't give a 15 minute speech, incoherence sees, and then they took him away. Travel does not work for people with cognitive decline. It causes disorientation, and it did again for him. Yes, Okay, Here's my question. What do you say to those trump supporters that don't want Teo. Let's say they're disenchanted, but they're afraid to telling their fellow making America great again. Hat wearing. Hey, I'm not gonna vote for Trump and vice versa. What do you think about the people that would say they would vote for Trump are afraid to because they'll get shamed by the other side. How do you get a really clear pole when people are afraid to actually Express your opinion in both in both directions. Well, that's why you have to. Also, if your want to be honest about this, look at the poll, it says anything's gonna win because That is a different measure. They can feel free to do that. Look, it's a sad state of affairs getting shouted down. This is what the rob Socialism looks like where crowds shout people and shame people. Socialists and government don't actually have to do that work. They rely on mobs to do this sort of thing like you see out there like important where a trump supporter was shot. So it's a sad state of affairs. I think

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