Q&A: What are your plans for school in the fall?


Your plans for school in the fall A hot button question for reasons. I don't really understand I. Wish people could just choose if they have a choice like what they're doing and then be happy with their choice and let other people be happy with their, as that sounds like quite an idea. I can see why there's third for for different. Because nobody knows what to do, so it's just helpful to hear what others thought process these are, and there is the tendency in our culture at as it stands social media to kind of look up to certain people, and so you Kinda WanNa know what did they do so I get it. I know what you mean like I guess what you're trying to say is it's really a very individualized choice so in a way like you can't look at anybody else's decision or thought process, and use that to make decisions for yourself, because all the variables are probably going to be different but people still WANNA know. Sarah, what are you doing? Yes, so as of now and again, who knows things could change, but I did make the decision to enroll my rising first grader in a private school, which is the same school that my toddler attended? It's like a Montessori that goes all the way through middle school. I really liked the school, and to be completely transparent My husband and I were considering having him make this transition anyway, just because of his learning styles and fit with. The traditional public school setting didn't go completely. Bump free. Last year, so we got three months of distance learning. Yeah, correct, so this was not a fresh new idea. We had thought about it anyway, but then having gone through those months of distance learning. And observed that certain things were just not. You know it seemed I. Don't WanNa. Say like emotional damage, but it was taking a toll on all of us and I don't think. There is. Much learning happening and I also don't want. I don't know I. Don't WanNa have him look back and think of his beginnings of school being traumatic, and therefore have like a forever hatred of learning develop, plus it was just sort of torture personally, so for many and I think our nanny was also struggling completely understandably because you know, she's a fantastic nanny, but she's not really a teacher, and neither am I am able to care for two older kids with complicated teaching schedules while watching a toddler so Wanted if possible something different than what we were doing. And so The school has very small classrooms in his able to separate the kids into pods, and they're planning on an in person. Start to the school year so I Call them they initially did not have a spot and then one opened, so I took it so he and genevieve will be going. And annabel will be continuing virtual school at home through our public school system because for her. Pretty well and so I don't see any reason to. Change things on that note.

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