Contentious 5-hour House hearing with AG William Barr concludes


Attorney General William Bar, spending several hours on the hot seat in front of the House Judiciary Committee. One of the top issues was the Trump Administration's handling of the protesting in Portland and other major cities where they sent federal officers to contain any violence. CBS News correspondent Skylar Henry's on Capitol Hill Attorney General William Barr delivered a full throated defense of federal officers response to protesters in Portland. Since when is it okay to tryto burned down a federal court? Is that okay? Hey, Democrats accused bar of using federal officers to help the president look tough on crime. President wants footage for his campaign ads and you appear to be serving it up to him as ordered. In most of these cities, the protests had begun to wind down before you marched in and confront the protesters. George Lord's death under the knee of a police officer sparked the protests. But the nation's top law enforcement officer His police are not the problem. This is Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill, A DC National Guard officer Adam DeMarco was in Lafayette Square the evening of June 1st and says a park police warning did go out to protesters. But the announcements were barely audible, and I saw no indication that the demonstrators were cognizant of the warnings to disperse. He also tells a house panel he was deeply disturbed by the rapid sweep of the area that included pepper spray and some officers using their shields on a crowd that he viewed as peaceful. But acting Park police chief Gregory Monahan's As protesters had been violent that day and defends the quick action so offense could be put up. In the hours after President Trump walked across the park and held up a Bible outside of ST John's Church, there is 100% 0 correlation between our operation and the president's visit to the

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