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I'd like to welcome to the show. Fiona Jones from Scotland who's come to talk to us about Comoros? Fewer welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me and I say welcome back to the show. Some of you may realize I. Don't Remember Hearing Theater on the show before. Yes. We had one of those that we have. Every three to four years lost episode whether according didn't work, and so Fiona is coming back to talk. Komo's again so for you. This is new those of you who are listening but for Fiona tonight. This is very familiar, so if you're old hat at this, can you put commerce on a map for us? Says I didn't know where it was. This is one of those things. There's episodes that Fiona pitch me rose that I had to go googling. What are we talking about? Is this country which it is? Yeah it's a country. It's well three or four depending on how you look at it for Collins. It's in the Indian Ocean northwest of Madagascar. The northern part of Mozambique And you say three or four, because there are four islands, but only three of them are Komo's. Yeah the whole country used to be French when they voted for independence, then three of the islands voted to become independent and the fourth island, which is not decided it wanted to stay with France but I. Think the rest of the Comoros is terribly happy. But May stays resolutely French. Excellent, and why should someone go to Komo's? The reason we won was because our daughter. Who's GONNA traveling. We wanted a family holiday and it was over the tail end of the Christmas holidays, so we wanted somewhere hot. We wanted somewhere that would be good diving and we wanted somewhere that maybe a little bit different that that might be a bit of. Of An adventure so for those reasons we, we looked around, and now at actually seen an article by unknown or unexplored islands I think it was on tripadvisor and seen the Comoro and and I was quite entrusted I'd also rashly sets the family that I as a bit of a surprise for them, so I thought well. That will give them a surprise if we to the Comoros. As I'm surprised you don't know who you are. Being hot, so we're right off the coast of Mozambique and Madagascar and not that far from Tanzania another from Zanzibar. Which people have probably heard of and it seems like it's kind of like Zanzibar except with a French flair. Yeah, we bar. Oh, Gosh, by well. It must be about twenty five years ago. There are some similarities birthday. Islands are obviously much smaller probably per than Zanzibar wealth. Wise I know. Zanzibar isn't exactly a rich country, but Comoros is quite far down to kind of GDP league, but in other senses it's Israel serve Indian ocean stuff so white sand beaches very green interiors very heavily forested interiors, so in that sense, I guess top graphically, probably quite similar. Excellent will what kind of area or are you going to recommend for us well well, what we did was to land in Grand Comoro switch. I guess everybody will. Think he can probably catch a from the mainland. I. Think just made way for everybody to come. In is going to be defined to Grande Comoros. We landed there. We had a couple of days there. It to be honest is not an awful lot. See and the island. I think we did what everybody did. which was to get yourself a taxi? Going to run the island is laconic island. An active volcano in the middle so much you can do is drive around the outside of the island i. think was one ruined. That goes across the middle, but otherwise he just sits the perimeter. you see the beaches and such like. So. That's pretty much it and he kind walk-ups civil. No, that wasn't something that we did. The seems to be mixed reports about how you do I know. We talked to a couple of guys who were there and holiday who were going to do that and they've got themselves. Guideline think they were gonNA count and some accounts say that you've gotta take a couple of days in walkout, but I've seen something else, so you can get a car or jeep close to the top, and then just walk up the rest of the day so I'm not quite sure which was correct, but between a to the islands. A chip up the volcano, a suspect that's probably about it for a Grande Comoros so after we'd spend our couple of days of them went to Miley which the island that we were going to be based for the rest of the time

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