Scaredy Sharks & The Science of Fear


Fine. Psalms not even up, your can wake up the whole neighborhood. Time wake up both. Interest you when a jar Brinkley. Ground, coffee. Well. Might, as well. Take you up on that offer. By. Rubens. I'm thinking. Well. Ok Mindy. How about jar of Freshly Ground Kafi Oh sure Reggie one jar of freshly ground coffee. At That will be free, ninety, nine plus tax. mindy. This is just an empty jar. Where's the coffee? Jar Mindy I know what copy looks like I can assure you that there is nothing in this jar that's because smells are invisible is. Smells yeah. If you wonder freshly ground copy smell, you're going to have to open that jar. Hugh woke me up and got me out of bed for nothing open the JAR IRA. Okay. Visible coffee. What's? Her. In the. Jar Won't open because I. Put a child proof LID on it here. Let me take a crack. Back. Ground. Coffee fell. Hugh kidding many this coffee smell is almost as good as the real thing. Now we're is the real thing. Oh. I don't know maybe Dennis's Hauser's something Dennis coffey. Boy Do I ever have fresh single origin imported from. Peru's COMERICA region hand picked. Foley Washington Sun dried roast into action, and here we have. Never Mind I don't have copy. All of these empty jars filled with. Yeah I mean look here we've got the smell of wet clothes left in the washing machine for three days. And this one is that super specific convenient stores smell. And this one over here is rotten. That one smells like Uranus. Uranus, the planet it's made up of gas called trajan sulfide bears an uncanny resemblance to rotten eggs. ooh. Oh. Okay. Scientifically speaking he's not wrong. Thanks. To Mindy. These jars. Yeah We see he tried this one. What is that the smell of a pile of dirt dirt you're smelling beeps? Purple Root, vegetable, that you roast in the oven and eat on salads turns or poop pink. Well, you know for some reason beats always smelled like dirt. What else he got Let me. I know here try this one. What do you think? I think one might be completely empty mindy. Guy, I can smell it from the air. It's lily of the Valley Yeah your tennis. Coach. Is Lily of the Valley Lily of the valley as in that highly poisonous woodland flowering plant. Exactly. My mother would wear the sent every fall as I left home for barring school she said it signified the return of happiness. How my mother loved

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