Michigan announces $600 million Flint water crisis settlement

What A Day


Yesterday, the State of Michigan announced a six hundred million dollar fund to Compensate Flint residents who were harmed by lead Tina drinking water. This goes back to two thousand fourteen when Flint's which water supply from the city of Detroit to the Flint River in order to save money the city was facing financial issues and was under the control of a state appointed emergency manager. Still State environmental officials advised flint not to apply corrosion control measures to the water. Even as it was flowing through old pipes city residents started to notice an issue with the water. It was discolored had a bad taste. It was causing rashes and a lot of. Other issues at the time local and state officials continued to insist that it was safe. It wasn't until outside researchers tested the water and found elevated levels of lead that residents particularly children were urged not to drink. The water residents had to switch over to bottled water for more than a year and lawsuits filed against the state a couple years later, Michigan Civil Rights Commission determined that the water crisis had its roots in systemic racism and was a quote complete failure of government in a city where most residents are people of Color,

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