Montgomery County, Maryland, allows restaurants to keep their lights on


County leaders consider relaxing more Corona virus restrictions on businesses. They say their plans to close straits the restaurant's conserve more people. Outdoors has been a success. On Monday, the Montgomery County Council will look at changing some of the features of the face to reopening plan, including allowing museums and bowling alleys to open County Council member Andrew Friedson says the closure of some streets that allowed restaurants to create adequate social distancing outdoors. Has worked well in Bethesda for two reasons. I think certainly Bethesda is set up as a very urban environment. And he said the annual taste of Bethesda Food and Crafts Festival has a concept similar to the so called street. Every program. The areas that are closed off are part of what is closed off for the taste of Bethesda with the same type of barriers with the same type of traffic changes. Kate Ryan w T. O P News

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