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Residential nominee Joe Biden told reporters he wants full transparency on a vaccine, accusing the president of playing politics, but ads get back tomorrow. Election president predicts a vaccine by the end of the year, he says, possibly it could come as soon as next month. Lisa meantime, Jared vice President Mike Pence and Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, each campaigning in Wisconsin today as a new Biden campaign ad focuses on reports of The president making disparaging remarks about fallen soldiers, which he continues to deny the National Guard in California. Concerned there may be more people unaccounted for. After rescuing over 200 trapped by wildfire north of Fresno over the weekend, Colonel David Hall and People go camping. They don't always tell a lot of people. Crews are battling over 20 major wildfires in California, where the governor has a state of emergency, in effect as record high temperatures and dry continues. Conditions helped to fuel the flames. One fire east of Ella was sparked by a malfunctioning device at a couples gender reveal party for their baby that one's grown to more than 11 square miles. Tropical Storm Paul let now churning in the central Atlantic, far from land forecasters also tracking a tropical depression that could become Rene currently off the West African coast and also too far away to prompt any watches or warnings. America

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