Fast-moving wildfire prompts evacuations in north central Washington


Hundreds of firefighters are battling a couple of blazes between Mansfield and Oh, Mac. We learn more about that from comas, Carleen Johnson, 254 square miles and several homes cattle. Another livestock have been lost. Tyler Kale's the Fire chief for Douglas County Fire District five, he says that's just the total burn from the Cold Springs fire, which spread across the Columbia River into another fire called the Pearl Hill Fire. 140,000 plus acres there have been scorched along with more homes and livestock. On Monday, when the decision was made to evacuate the chant of Mansfield. The problem was roads out, were mostly impassable roads and were impacted to the point that cleanly town, so the only thing we could do is help people. They had to go to a local school and those who wanted to go to the gymnasium because it was the only place that we had to put those homes in Mansfield were spared. But we're told that in Bridgeport, 15 to 20 homes have burned Carleen Johnson

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