Source: Broncos' Miller (ankle) could miss season


This is big time news today with von Miller. I absolutely stinks because that was one of those teams have a really I was really looking forward to what they were going to be an injuries happen. We know that especially the time where health and safety's off of its utmost importance. I know a lot of our focus is with Covic. But these injuries are gonna happen throughout the season, and it looks like from right now. It's unofficial, but what he and rap before it's said, and even Adam Schefter just did chime in as well. It looks like That this is going to be it for von Miller this year. So, Schefter writes in the leg injury that NFL network said von Miller suffered is an ankle injury per source. There's a fear that its season ending per sources, Miller was hurt near the end the practice. When one person called the freak injury team still evaluating the Marine now, So that's where you at with von Miller. That stinks.

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