Full Circle Weekly News #180 - burst 2 - Analytics 2.2


De Denardo seuss's CEOS said quote this deal upon closing will combine seuss's strength and Enterprise Lennox, edge computing and a I. Lab, strength in Coober Netease making the combined company, the open source innovator of choice. Here the notable releases this episode. To add twenty four a new remix out focusing on applications for kids, schools, and universities. Endeavor is July. Releases out on their first anniversary with new infrastructure. Susan Lenox Enterprise Fifteen SP two out improving under devops HPC and cloud offerings. Plasma five dot nineteen dot three updates are out with the normal bug fixes and improvements. Lineker meant twenties upgrade path is out but can be time consuming. Canoe Cash Ford Auto and four dot one is out with a new new cash cli command for running reports and information.

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