John McCain and signed into law by President Obama. And now


And Joe Biden. We're both in Kenosha this week. How to those visits. Compare. Hard to compare them. To be honest. The president was photographed in front of damage stores burned out stores. Joe Biden went and met with the family of Jacob Blake. A man who was shot in the back by up Kenosha Police officer and began all that unrest in Kenosha two weeks ago. NPR's Ron Elving. Thanks so much for being with us. Thank you, Scott. Tonight. Protesters will mark the 1/100 consecutive night of demonstrations in Portland, Oregon. There is a considerable escalation and violence this week that left two people dead. One was a supporter of the far right group Patriot Prayer. The other The man who shot him a far left anti fascist demonstrator. Oregon Public Broadcasting's Jonathan Levinson has been covering the story and he joins us from Portland. John. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. The district attorney released more details yesterday about the shooting on Saturday when anti fascist activists Michael Forest right now Shot and killed Erin J. Danielson. What did we learn from those records? The

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