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Our in depth look at the presidential campaign as both the president and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden had to swing states CBS that Ed O'Keefe is with Biden, who is responding to allegations that the president has made disparaging comments about US troops. This is ah Kind of strikes right at the heart of a new argument that Democrats have been making that in so many different ways whether it's in regards to the pandemic. We were violence in the streets of America. The current president is just ill equipped to continue serving his commander in chief, in a statement that he issued late Thursday night, certainly after the Atlantic article was Release, the Biden said that the comments about American service members are true. It would be quote another marker of how deeply President Trump and I disagree about the role of the president of the United States. The timing of this article and The beeper reporting on what exactly went on with the president during that trip to Paris, and the comments he's made about wounded, deceased or disabled American servicemen. Com Center

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