East Bay’s New Bus Rapid Transit Line to Bring a New Tempo to East Oakland


So so perhaps perhaps a a strange strange time time for for it, it, but but that's that's what what the the schedule schedule said said A A C C transit, transit, launching launching its its new new rapid rapid bus bus bus bus rapid rapid transit transit line line called Tempo. Our mad Bigler in thes. Long light blue vehicles may look like buses, but transit officials would prefer you not use the B word. It's essentially light rail on rubber tires. Mike Hirsh, general manager of a C transit says the tempo system as it's called, arrives every 10 minutes, and they have their own dedicated bus on Ly lanes open. Transit on Ly Lane's. This is the inside of one of the new temple buses. It's very spacious. There's lots of room so hopefully you could be comfortable and social distance, I think is awesome. And I got the doors Tempo line has only been running since Sunday. And it's already made fans of Delilah Daniels and her son, Isaiah Temple, who's not a fan of the $231 million transit system. Some drivers on international Boulevard. Lulu is one of many who complain, aboutthe loss of two lanes of traffic. There's more traffic on the street, and it causes me. It forces me actually to write in the bus lane. Well, don't do that. Her says The buses are equipped with two front facing cameras. The operator can push a button takes a picture of your license plate. The sheriff's office will process the citation and you'll be mailed the citation Thie Tempo line will be free for the 1st 90 days. A thank you to the community for putting up with all the disruptions during construction. In Oakland, Matt Bigler, KCBS. Hey, CBS

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