Hank Williams Jr., Marty Stuart to Join Country Hall of Fame


Before he formed the band. The fabulous superlatives, which which is is just just a a tad tad redundant, redundant, isn't isn't it? it? A A little little fabulous fabulous is is a a superlative superlative Marty Marty Stuart, Stuart, songwriter songwriter Dean Dean Dylan and junior Hank Williams Jr your newest inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Marty is going in as a modern era artist category, Dean in the songwriter category, and Hank Jr goes in in the Veterans era artist. Which is pretty significant been 60 years since his father, the great Hank Williams, went and to the country Music Hall of Fame. Dean Dylan. Has written songs for and this is just a partial list. Alabama, Brooks and Dunn. He wrote Tennessee whiskey. David Allen coded it. George Jones did it, Chris Stapleton, most recently. He's written songs for Hank Jr Whalen, Ernest Tubb, Keith Whitley, Kenny Chesney. Lee Ann Womack. Pam kill us, Toby Keith wrote about a dozen Toby Tombs. Vern Gosden. Vince Gill. And rode over 55 0 wrote more than 50 songs and shipped him off to some guy named George Strait. Including If I know me, I've come to expect it from you. Marina del Rey Oceanfront property. The chair in Georgia's first hit unwound written by Dean Dylan. Wow. It's just about all of them. That's just and just thinking If you're not from the most people, I think are familiar with the appearance of one Marty Stuart. Yes, but if you're not go to the Google machine Google, Marty Stuart and just for fun Z's Let me know Charlie Parker and I heart media dot com. How long you think it takes him every morning? Get that hair like that. I'm gonna go 45 minutes, and it's got to be at least 1/2 hour, at least at least 1/2 hour. I wonder how much hair spray Might you some kind of jailers? I don't know. It looks great, but he's got nice here. Thanks, Siegfried And Roy. I don't know which one but I don't know. He doesn't know Marty Stuart compared to Tiger. Wow. Just the hair. No, not even noon. And Marty's here has got nothing on Dean dealings. Mustache. No. Nothing. Well, congratulations to Marty Jr and Dean Dylan all going into the country Music Hall of Fame.

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