Boom Time For Bitcoin


Open up your account now and use the code try to call. Can I get I help you well. What are we got here across the top ten high it's looking pretty Stella. Pretty that are in day yesterday a good bounce a really good bounce. On bitcoin. It hasn't gone unorthodox just yet, but let me just say something yesterday. We only close at one point six percent only add. So that doesn't seem like a lot when down a little bit of depth and you say tomato I, say the market you work time from. The lows too far from the lowest to the highest full point seven percent ten, sorry rebound turn and on the clothes it's full percent you know from the law of the died to Willie ended up. That's full percent now I teach a lot about the nature of just teach people how to learn try a technical analysis because it's a waste of time to be honest. It's who says you know a cup of sugar doesn't make a chocolate cake. About sugar, it's not gonNA make the Kaik. It's simple as that. So try to teach people to understand what's actually going on a front of them and what I'm saying here across my talk. But most of the top ten is cradles pullbacks and candles in the cradles on the candidates itself is telling me that one study don't listen. I'll forget you know two days ago. We saw big four point three percent at one stage was down. What was that level? We would go from the high because that's where the momentum started. We would down about eight percent and it was pretty brutal. The way we came off with bounce backs not momentum to the downside went now you kidding my UACC hitting. Pop back up now we've got. Sight, only at close of one point, six percent but a full set move back to the up saw, we've just broken the high of yesterday's candle as well as much as not many great cradle triads out there on the daily. It's what the process telling me that is well, there are site telling. Look we've got momentum back. Becoming up half percent today bitcoin sitting thousand, six, hundred, thirty, six dollars right now wrought. It's good. The market is looking good. The two day to day timeframe. Have a look at on bloody jots. I'm really fully we don't see too much of a move on Bitcoin in the top ten tonight. Because then I'll have absolutely ethical two-day candles and I'll have some training opportunities. I tried to I, tried to wake rich I. Bloody Everything K. Are these guy with market saw with with with the moves are with the momentum is I'm saying bullish momentum here on Bitcoin that's on the daily. We still got a bit of work to do on the mates four out. We don't have a really nice sokoll trendy the two hour look a little bit of a high allow on the one. Now we definitely do have a highly there's not a huge amount You know really exciting me at the minute. So yeah, it's GonNa take some time, but the dailies are looking really really good. Just notice tried that ended up taking two minutes. So get through this a theory ninety, four dollars ninety full spot to seven at one point. Seven two percent, Simon's bitcoin on that daily except fe twenty point, four cents look at that daily cradle beautiful on the to to that might be an absolute doozy tomorrow point seven, six up yesterday to

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